2012-2013 Long Term Goals Revisited

2010 - 2012

340 in 2010 compared to 298 in May 2012.

August 2013!

August 2013!

With five weeks remaining til my final race marking the completion of my first season of triathlon activity I have begun to look back at my early blog post and reflected on the training that went into making this year a success.  At the beginning of this blog, back in August of last year I laid out my long term goals I wanted to accomplish. With five weeks remaining I figured now would be a good time to look back at these goals and reflect on the progress I have made in the span of the last year.

Chatter’s Long Term Goals From August 14th 2012 (Accomplished goals are in red with black commentary after.

  • Lose Weight – This has actually morphed more into slimming down the waist and getting healthier and fitter, but I still would like to lose some pounds.  Of course, my training has made this a struggle of its own. I talked about this in an earlier post if you are interested, can be found here
  • Dropped from 320 to a stable 288-290.
  • Run 30 Minutes – I include this because it was one of my goals.  This Sunday I completed this goal running for almost 2 miles for the first time ever.  Post can be found here if you are interested.
  • On my long runs I run for over 2 hours.  I can run continuously for an hour, but have found more happiness and longevity in run/walk methods of running.
  • Run 3 Miles – Should have this one beat pretty soon.
  • I had no clue I would ever run anything larger than a 10k if that at this time last year.  I have now achieved 9.3 miles or a 5k distance in my longest run.
  • Run a 5k.  Have not paid for it yet but I am planning on doing my first October 6th.
  • I finished up 2012 with 3 5k races.  This year I will complete my 4th 5k  of this year.  Additionally I have now also ran a 10k race and will be running a 15k race in a few weeks.  By Thanksgiving I will be completing a half marathon for the first time.
  • Run sub 45 minute 5k.  Eventually this will morph into sub 30 5k.
  • My best 5k time currently is 39:45 in a race.  Of course that is with a full week of triathlon training as well.  This has progressed really slowly, but considering that when I set this goal I was running a 50 minute 5k I will take the progress.
  • Conquer open water swimming – I have come a long way, but open water swimming still requires some work.
  • When I wrote this I could barely eek out a 50 meter lap in the pool.  I taught myself how to swim more efficiently in a triathlon manner and worked to increase my distance.  Additionally, open water swimming caused great panic making the smallest distances a challenge.  I now swim a 1 mile course in one of my open water swim and I usually do 2 miles of ladder laps in the pool.  I have advanced pretty far in my comfort in the pool and open water.  Albeit I am still pretty slow at a 2:14 100 meter pace, but the comfort level is there.
  • Get a bike and become efficient.
  • When I set this goal I had not ridden a bike in over ten years and then it was an attempt at mountain biking.  I quit that very quickly after I started and sold my bike vowing to never get on one of these two wheeled contraptions ever again.  I now ride up to 25 miles before I have to push to finish.  At that point I can still push for an additional 20 miles before I am spent.  Since I set this goal I have participated in a 37 mile ride event and I have plans to participate in a 44 mile event in a few weeks.
  • Enter a triathlon – Next March if dates hold true from this years events.
  • The triathlon I entered got move to April instead of March.  I completed that triathlon and have since finished a total of three triathlons this year.  My last sprint triathlon for a total of four will be at the end of September and my final triathlon, an international distance will be completed in mid-October.
  • Do a season of triathlons – I have my schedule together and I am ready to make it happen. I also have set up a periodization work out and training plan.  If I am going to do this, I want to do it right.
  • This was one of the more ambitious goals I set last year heading into this training program and goal set.  Eventually I wanted to be ranked by USAT which meant completing three races.  As I mentioned I have already hit that goal and my season is not complete yet.  Additionally I am super pleased with how well I persisted with my training schedule and I have continued to learn and adapt my training as the season has gone on.
  • Do a triathlon or two outside of my home state.
  • My last one in October will be in Jacksonville.  Otherwise I ended staying in a hotel for  a few of these as they were distant enough to warrant it.  Not sure what the goal really was with this, except for maybe the exotic feel of going somewhere to compete.
  • Finish the season trying to do an Olympic/International distance race.
  • This is my number one goal right now and for the first time since I finished my first triathlon, I am feeling a bit of pressure as this is a new set of unknowns.  This race is in five more weeks and I am eager to compete at this distance.
  • Try to get a late season Backpack trip or two  in .
  • Training pushed this to the back seat for the year unfortunately.  I will have to move this to next year.
  • Not forget to balance life and work while training and get in shape, remember all the people and other things that are important.
  • Not much to say further on this one.  I am a drastically different person to the person who created this list.
  • Be in the best shape of my life by December 2013 when I turn 40!!!
  • Still got fat around the midsection, but I can run, swim and bike and hardly break a sweat.  I am the fittest fat person I know.
In the beginning of 2012 I weighed 320 pounds and while I did not rely smoke I still relied on an e-cigarette. Back then I wore a 52 inch pant as seen in the current picture.

In the beginning of 2012 I weighed 320 pounds and while I did not rely smoke I still relied on an e-cigarette. Back then I wore a 52 inch pant as seen in the current picture.

Me and my new bike 'Zero'.

Me and my new bike ‘Zero’.

Reading the old posts I put up before achieving any of this has made me realize how different of a person I have become.  My posting tone was so demure and held back, so unsure of anything.  My tone blared my uncertainty in my capabilities and my self image.  I was so hesitant on even believing any of these goals were possible and achievable.  For me to adopt any of these goals I had to aim high and hope I could do it.  The current me, knows that anything is possible and devises a plan to achieve the goals.  I think this transformation really became noticeable a month before my first triathlon.  For the first time in my life I became confident in what I could do and who I was.  I was no longer defined by my weaknesses and insecurities.   I became sure that I could achieve anything I put my mind to as long as I set realistic goals and developed and execution plan.  That month before the first race, magically I  one day just knew that I could complete my first triathlon, doubt no longer existed.  It was that day my current self was truly fleshed.  That day I believed in myself and put away all of life’s doubts and worries.  I released myself from myself and let the fears and self doubt go.  In my posts on this site I can truly see both personalities and there is distinction between the two.

I am a runner!

I am a runner!

It speaks volumes that I have accomplished so much in such a small period of time.  Of course I am thankful to the blogging community that has supported me in this en devour, new and old alike.  I am still floored that I have completed so much.  In five weeks, after a much needed break I will have to start looking at new goals for the coming year.  Some of these I have begun to develop, some will hatch in the coming weeks.  Til next time.



  1. Mucho entusiasmado! Great summation of fortitude. Congratulations no taking charge.

  2. Great post, and very insightful about how you’ve changed. I love how you point out that it is so mental, and not just physical strength and endurance. Great job over the past year!

    1. Thank you. It was just an observation in my tone of my posts and the way I look at things now compared to then.

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  5. ichoosetolivestronger · · Reply

    You have worked your butt off Chatter… congrats!! This is a great place to grow and learn a lot about ourselves. Your before and after pics…your goals met…must keep you positive and to keep working toward those next milestones. You’ve chosen to choose life !! 🙂

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  8. “Congratulations on taking charge” I meant to write up there…typos, sheesh!

    1. I mentally read it as intended! Thanks.

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  14. […] 2012-2013 Long Term Goals Revisited (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  15. […] 2012-2013 Long Term Goals Revisited (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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