Still On The Mend

Nothing drains the motivation more than being injured during the first week of a major planned training week.  I sit at my cubicle reflecting on how much I am missing my workouts and how this week has been a near wash.  I am not sad, just feel a bit down about getting all ready for my final push to suddenly be sidelined with an injury.  I am still uncertain what caused the lower back pain, but now I am leaning toward the potential it might be kidney stones, as I have been terrible about my coffee consumption and I have been overly reliant on my electrolyte usage.  But, with tons of water drunk and good proper diet followed, things are feeling better and I think I might be able to get back to training tonight.  I will have to take it easy and see how things go.  Hopefully the added rest will boost my last 5 1/2 weeks to new levels.

Of course, I just have to focus on staying healthy and being able to compete in all the events I have planned for this month.  That is the kicker, making sure I do not re-injure myself.  Of course I am still unsure what exactly is the cause but I have two ideas and they are both pretty similar in their diagnosis.  If its lower back issues then stretching and water consumption will solve the problem. If it kidney stones(which I have dealt with before) then diet, coffee intake reduction and increased water consumption.  No matter which diagnosis fits, I need to get strict about my water consumption and really focus on my diet.  All told this little wake up call was necessary to refocus my diet efforts in a positive direction while heading towards my final month of racing and my final triathlon for the season.  Here is wishing me luck as I head back out to try and see how a run feels, slowly easing my way back into training. Just a quick update.  Hopefully I will be back to blogging non-injury updates. Til next time.



  1. Feel better soon brother.

    1. I am stubborn like that and I ran tonight. A bit tight in the back but things felt good. Thanks

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