Temporarily Sidelined

downloadIf there is anything I hate more right at this moment its being sidelined by an injury.  This is supposed to be my ginormous training week, full of running and swimming and biking like a mad person.  Instead i am hobbling around with one hand on my back slightly hunched over as pain shoots out from my lower back.  Right now I am sidelined with a sore lower back.

What I did exactly is anybody’s guess.  Yesterday afternoon I got my 3o minute swimming speed session completed and then went to take a shower and get dressed to go back to work. As I exited the shower and headed for my locker, suddenly my back nearly locked up and began to throb with pain.  I was not carrying much, but something set my back into pain mode. So last night I skipped my medium 4 mile run to let it heal a little bit. I figure a day or two of not training is better than not completing my final triathlon due to stupidity and pushing an injury.  In hindsight and with a little bit of internet searching, I figure I injured my back when trying to swim faster, probably by not lifting my hips enough and leaving my head to high.  This would cause additional stress on my lower back.  Why it waited til after my shower I have no idea.  The only other explanation I can reason would be from so much standing and walking this weekend at Dragon*Con combined with poor swimming form.  I really have no clue what I did to it at this point.

So, instead of my massive workout week as planned I will be doing allot of stretching to loosen up the back muscles to be able to run my 5k this weekend.  Hopefully if I rehab correctly I will be able to push forward with my plan next week.  Already things are feeling better, but that might be because I want them to be better.  Will see, only time will tell.  Have not had an injury in a while and this is timed a bit inconveniently, but it has been a long season.  For now I just need to exercise patience and get myself ready for my final race. Til next time.



  1. REST! Remember…..5 weeks!

    1. Yes, it haunts me. I just want to get my peak and taper setup and going. I am slowly recovering and getting myself prepared. Can’t wait for this race.

      1. A, what we have now is pretty much what we will take to the race…i.e. there isn’t a whole lot more we can do EXCEPT injure ourselves…take-it-easy…..

      2. Was just hoping to get a bit more work in before the race. Taking it easy now to heal up a bit, then will carefully push.

  2. Bummer. Ive been having some trouble with my legs. Trying to stick to running on dirt trails for a couple weeks. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  3. Sounds muscular. If you can get a massage it may help release the spasm.

    1. So far stretching and ice have done the trick. Almost feel like one more day and I will be back to normal.

  4. Ack, sorry about the injury. Hope you heal quickly.

  5. Injuries suck. I have told it is our body telling us to slow down as we are pushing to hard. I for one thing our body should suck it up. Lol. Take care of yourself.

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