The Home Stretch!

My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

Last week was almost a total do nothing week, I did a AquaFit boot camp and swam 2 mile ladders, but did little to nothing the remainder of the week.  This was done on purpose as this last weekend was Dragon*Con, a massive Science Fiction and Fantasy and anything else convention in Atlanta Georgia.  More importantly, I decided to give the body a major rest before heading into the home stretch leading into my big ‘A’ race of the season, my first Olympic Triathlon and my last race for the season.  When I set up my plan of attack for the final six weeks leading into this race I could tell it would be similar in experience and feel to when I was preparing for my first triathlon, which is hard to believe was earlier in this season.  Unlike that race I have had time to experiment and try some things out and I have had additional months of development.  So I set September and the first two weeks of October up with care to put me on the course to finish strong.

My totals in various forms.  The total column represents the total hours since I started the Periodization training for this season til the end of August.

My totals in various forms. The total column represents the total hours since I started the Periodization training for this season til the end of August.

I am fully aware that physically a month will not provide enough time to make me stronger or faster, that on race day I am as strong as I currently will be.  What I can do though to get faster and more prepared is to work on my technique and form as well as properly setup my peak and taper before the race.  To do that I have started spending my lunch breaks working on spin drills and lap drills, items that seem so small compared to putting on miles, but make huge differences come race day.

6 Week Strategy:

6 Weeks and Counting:

  • The overall strategy I am using is going big , trying to max out the volume and get some good quality and occasionally long workouts in.
  • This week will be my highest volume of this six week cycle.
  • Bike and Swim drills will be a key focus during lunch workouts.
  • All three disciplines will have short/medium and long sessions, except for run due to a 5k race planned for the weekend.
  • Focus on foam rolling and high volume of stretching

5 Weeks and Counting:

  • Continue with the volume and workout plan from previous week.
  •  Cap out my long run distance by running my first 15k race.

4 Weeks and Counting:

  • Start run taper by reducing long run to 10k this week.
  • Finish week with 48 mile bike event.
  • Weekday workouts will remain the same for all three disciplines.

3 Weeks and Counting:

  • Continue run taper with no long distance run
  • Start bike taper focusing week on only drill work
  • Finish week with last sprint distance triathlon (number 4!!)  – This will consume my distance run and bike sessions.  Primary goal is to practice nutrition and race day preparation strategies.
  • Heavy focus will be on stretching and foam rolling muscles to reduce buildup.
  • Will reduce Wednesday swim to to a mile from 2 miles and Saturday will focus on an Open Water swim, possibly with a rental wet suit.

2 Weeks and Counting

  • Full on Taper starts here!  The goal is to reduce total volume and focus on intensity this week.  Volume reduction should be about 60%.
  • Week will consist of more days off  in between higher intensity workout.

Race week:

  • Continue Full on Taper with a larger reduction:  about 40% of first week total hours.
  • Early week low mileage bike ride, run and swim.
  • Thursday and Friday maybe a light walk but goal is to take it easy and prepare for Sunday’s race.
  • Saturday will be busy with race preparation, but would like to get into the Ocean and get a swim in, just to get  a feel for it.
  • Olympic Distance Race and end o f my season.

Current Known Distances and Completion Times

  • Running-5k:  39:45
  • Running 10K: 1:24:00
  • Running 15K: 2:21:00
  • Swimming 100: 0:02:14
  • Swimming 1500: 0:35:00
  • Cycling: Average about 12-14 MPH depending on terrain.

I know I have informally laid out my plans, but I really needed to figure out an overall strategy heading into this week.  If I pull it off right I will start with an 80% taper and will reduce by 20% each week, slowly reducing first the run and then the bike and finally the swim.  I think this plan is pretty aggressive, but I believe this will prepare me and make me ready for the newer increased distances and challenges I will face in my final race.  I like getting everything figured out and in the ope like this so I have a clear idea of where exactly I am going.  I know this is going to be a very difficult month as I am really ramping up my training.  But I have been preparing for this final push since July, my season midpoint when my focus changed from doing a triathlon to completing this longer harder race.  I have already started the first day of this plan and it feels very similar in tone to the weeks leading up to my first triathlon.  I will just have to see how things progress and keep focused on the end goal.  I have allot of races this month and allot of miles planned.  Time to get to work. Til next time.



  1. Great recap and good to see you have a detailed plan. Don’t write off the ability to gain some speed and strength over the next 4 weeks. Add some high intensity bike and run intervals and you will be amazed at the results.

    Good luck with your races leading up to and including your ‘A’ races.

    1. If I can stay healthy that will be a great plan! I have intervals figured into this equation, just not putting stock into last minute increases and injury (even though I am now injured :() Thanks for the encouragement

  2. lol…you are so organized and I am so all over the place….but we are both heading down the same path to the same race…yay!

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