Change of Plans

downloadIn my original race season plans I had a triathlon planned for this weekend.  This plan was initially derailed by my impending job situation and related financial situation.  On Monday I started a new job, but I was uncertain when my first paycheck would be.  Weeks ago I had accepted the fact that I would be unable to race my planned race this weekend due to these factors.  Yesterday my company surprised me by paying me for my first week on the job before I even finished my first week.  Granted it was just the 12th to the fifteenth (my new company has two pay periods , the first to fifteenth and the sixteenth to end of the month) but it was enough to allow me to add my race this weekend back onto the calendar, so this weekend I will be racing in my third triathlon of the season.  Best part happens to be the fact I will get to race with my brother in his last race of the season!!!!

Of course this sudden change required an immediate change to my workout plan for the week as I would badly need some rest and a little bit of a cut back on the intensity.  I figured of course I had enough time for some brief recovery and now I am laser focused on having a great and fun race.  The race is a sprint triathlon with a 400 meter lake swim, 14 mile bike and a 5k run.  This race will give me some transition and nutrition practice for my first olympic distance triathlon in October so I am glad I was able to add it back to my schedule.  Of course I am uber excited now and I am so ready to race.  Til next time.



  1. Great news and I think you’ll be surprised how well you’ll end up doing. With my recent move I’ve decided for pass on my “A” race in Chicago that I’ve been ramping up towards all year long. I would have really enjoyed doing it but sometime it doesn’t work out like you plan so you just roll with it. Glad you get to do this one and look forward to reading more about it.

    1. Thanks, yeah I am uber excited as this is a local favorite race and looks like it should be allot of fun.

  2. That’s great! And how cool that you get to do the same race as your brother.

    1. This will be second race I get to do with my brother, The Allatoona Triathlon back in June being my first we raced in together(albeit he finished an hour before me). He was supposed to race with me in my first race but was sporting a 106 fever the morning of the race. As it was my first race he was tempted to come anyways but we talked him out of it. Of course he kept texting to find out my status for the entire two hours and nine minutes I was racing! I am just lucky I get to do this last race of his season with him and share in the bond of being brothers and sport one more time. Thanks

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