Its That Time of the Year Again!!!

Since 2010 I have been a Falcons football season ticket holder and every August marks the preseason games and the start of the new season.  In December of 2010 one of my good friends that I have season tickets with gave me a very dear present, a Falcons football jersey.  It was a 4x in size and actually was a bit tight at the time.  I took a picture and have since started snapping a picture at the beginning of each season as my weight has changed.  When I got the jersey I weighed in at a whopping 365 pounds.


2010 - 2012

365 in 2010 compared to 298 in May 2012.

In May 2012 my wife snapped a new photograph as I had lost some weight and gotten myself down to 320 pounds after a bit of running and my the seeds of triathlon were planted.

December 2010 to August 9th 2012!  There is more change than just the beard and hair!!!

December 2010 to August 9th 2012! There is more change than just the beard and hair!!!

When the new 2012/2013 season started I had another picture taken with the same jersey on.  At this point I was close to running my first 5k and I was on the path to triathlon.  Last night marked the start of the new NFL season and thus it was time to don the jersey once again and snap another picture.  I think the change from last August is fairly noticable.

August 2013!

August 2013!

Last August I was closer to 300-310 pounds and had begun to get in decent enough shape to undertake a triathlon training program.  Back then I wore a size 52 /50 inch waist, today I wear a 46 and weigh in at 287-290 pounds.  At this point the jersey looks ridiculously large on me!

IMG_621868620410677Here is a new compilation photograph of the current picture and the original. It has been a good year so far!  Still allot of work to go, but its progress.  Til next time.



  1. Wow, that’s fantastic. Congrats to you on such huge life changes. I’ve loved catching up on your journey!

    1. Thank you, it has not been easy.

  2. The incredible SHRINKING MAN! YAY! Nice job!

    1. I feel great too. Thank you.

  3. Wow! What a transformation! Congrats!!

  4. kruzmeister · · Reply

    WOW Man you look INCREDIBLE! You must be so proud of yourself Chatter and this is only the beginning too my friend, soon you’ll be rocking your Olympic and Half Ironman events! So happy for you!!!!

  5. Awesome! What a great way to measure your progress, and what a wonderful accomplishment to not only feel the progress but see it. Kudos!!!

    1. Thanks steph, it has been really slow going but I have persisted.

  6. amazing! you’re doing so good!!! Keep it up

    1. Thanks. Feeling good, hoping to slim down a bit before my last race in October, but we will see.

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