Happy Site Anniversary

imagesI have no clue how I missed this but last week my little wordpress fitness site, this one, turned a year old.  It is hard to believe that I have maintained this blog for as long as I have.  I have seen so many fitness blogs die after a few months, unfortunately some of them were blogging friends (IChoosetolivestronger where are you?).  But, I have managed to keep this blog running and adding content for a year now, for me that is a major accomplishment.

Of course the realization forced me to spend a moment reading and looking at some older posts, back when I had a few followers.  Crazy thing is the blogger of a year ago seems almost alien to me now.  That person was so unsure of everything and was afraid of failure in every little milestone.  I poured and blogged hours about those first few miles of running and swimming and biking.  Somewhere a transformation happened in my fitness and my blogging, I became more confident and assured of myself and my writing followed suite.

My favorite thing with looking back is seeing the blogging community friendships form.  The first time IowaTriBob and BigdaddyJim, grandmadog  and TriKatyKid (to name a few) pop up in my comments and how much so many people pushed me on in the comments of my blog.  Sometimes I think they gave me that extra push, motivated me and inspired me so much.

Part of this blogging’s goal was to inspire me and to keep me accountable.  I have found that accountability starts inside and this blog has become a wonderful way to share my story and my adventure and to celebrate my accomplishments.  Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey so far and to everyone who has made this first year so awesome.  As I have said in almost 300 posts… til next time.



  1. Congratulations! I just started a blog. Plan on working at keeping this going. Your post inspired me!

    1. Thank you. Aim for posting at least once a week and all will be well. I am looking forward to following your story.

  2. What a great post! I love how you say “I have found that accountability starts inside” – I also started blogging thinking it would keep me accountable, but I really have found my inner drive over these months and am loving talking about it and sharing it with others. It’s been so great to read your blog – you’ve inspired me!

    1. Thank you.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Glad you have made it to the one year mark and continue to share your incredible journey with us. It is inspiring to see people transform themselves. Keep up the great work!


  4. Congratulations!! I’m on week 2 of blogging, and still trying to figure it all out, so 1 year sounds like a huge accomplishment! I’m glad that it has been such a successful journey for you 🙂
    XOXO A

  5. Yay!! Congrats! You’re doing great. It’s fun to see your progression!

  6. Very well done on both the blog and the incredible fitness accomplishments. Its been a blast this past year to see us both continue forward and I’ve definitely gotten great tips, motivation, and some comic relief from reading about your journey along the way!

    Here’s looking to another year ahead…

  7. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Happy Anniversary Chatter!! Here’s to another 12 months and beyond of blogging your remarkable achievements!!

  8. I’ve enjoyed following you over this past year…we are at the about the same place in our “new lives”, and each day is another learning experience. So funny you would mention just re-reading your older blogs….I was just doing the same thing! It’s fun to go back and watch yourself grow isn’t it? A year ago, I could only dream of being where I am now…..

  9. ichoosetolivestronger · · Reply

    Past time to get my head out of the sand. I’ll never begin to catch up, but I’ve missed this place. I’m very excited to see your still blogging and kicking butt ! When I finally uploaded my WordPress account and tried looking for some old blog buddies, I accidentally unfollowed you…then had to follow again. Sorry about that..out of practice. Looking forward to catching up.

    1. I have stopped by your blog from time to time to see if I missed something and I was wondering how you were doing, afraid you got lost due to the upsurge of life. I would look at this post for a summation: https://chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/2012-2013-long-term-goals-revisited/ its very recent and will catch you up in a quck minute. I hope everything is going great with you and that you might be back to blogging soon. Your friend always.

      1. ichoosetolivestronger · · Reply

        It’s going to take me some time. Life has been spinning like crazy. It would be so much easier for me to get back if real people in my life weren’t following my blog. I’ve thought about changing the name..but I’m not very tech savvy and don’t think it would solve that problem. Thanks for the encouragement. You’re doing great. I wasn’t surprised to find you working your butt off.

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