I Have Officially Lost My Mind

downloadThis training phase I have been devoting allot of time to my running capabilities. After a year I have seen only slight improvement and so I decided it was time to buckle down and really focus on my base run mechanics.  My plan has been simple, one medium or 5k run a week, one speed or pace work session and one long run, incrementally increasing the distance.  When possible I have been sprinkling in two mile recovery runs.  Mix in two to three swim sessions and two to three bike sessions as well as job working and searching and you get one very busy schedule.  This week my long run requires me to run up to six miles… ie: my first 10k distance.  Not sure what happened by somewhere this week my brain and sanity fled the coup.

First off my weekend looks busy already.  On Saturday I am doing an open water swim competition for charity where I have no hopes of doing anything more than finishing, but it will be good fun.  I have decided for now to participate in the 1k event.  I plan on adding in a long bike and of course my long run.  Well last night I began  to discuss the lack of 10k races readily available and that my goal for the next two months is to run in a 10k race.  What races are available fall on days with other events already planned.  I mentioned there was a race this weekend, but as I am attempting the 6 mile distance for the first time, I do not think I am ready to tackle that distance in a race.  Well, somehow I figured that I should just do the 10k race as I am doing the distance anyways and this morning I signed up for Sunday’s 10k Summer Steamer  race.  I figure at this point of insanity and ability I should be able to finish it i n an hour and a half.

So now I am stoked, excited and feeling crazy for signing up for a 10k when I have not even ran that distance yet in any of my training sessions.  I guess every now and again you just have to go a bit crazy and just go for it.  Til next time.



  1. You can do it! What’s the longest you’ve done so far, 4 miles? You got this. Walk when you need to. You’ll finish, regardless.

    1. I have ran 5 miles a couple of times and last week pulled off 5.5 (lot of walking, but it was steep hills). I am sure I will be fine, just freaked myself out a bit, I like to plan allot more usually.

  2. You can do it! I know you can. It is so fun to watch you accomplish all these great things you set out to do. Good luck on the swim too~

    1. I will do it if I have to walk the last mile, I will finish. I can do 5.5 and this is just a bit more than that. Thanks for all the support. I am sure the after finish line will be awesome as the company that is hosting this always puts on a great after party.

      1. That’s a good bonus!

  3. Way to go and think of it as a 6 mile long run with friends… You’ll finish with no problem and I bet even have some fun while doing it (or at least after the finish :-)).

    1. Thanks. A very long run with newly minted friends that I am sure some will drive me crazy, it never fails in these races.

  4. 5.5 longest run? Don’t sweat a 10k….adrenalin is a wonderful thing! You’ll be fine…walk the water stops and put one in you and one on you if it’s hot….excited to hear how you do, Chatter…

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  6. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Sometimes running 10k for the first time in a race is easier than on a training run, because you tend to push yourself and have all that adrenalin in your system. I am sure you did well, I am just about to read that post, but wanted to say kudos to you for taking the plunge and signing up, often that is the scariest part of all! Well done mate!! 🙂

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