The Second Half: Looking Ahead

My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

Yesterday I reviewed my mid-season achievements and numbers(here), so today I will look forward and outline what I have planned for the next couple of months and what I hope to achieve.   As I stated in the last post my  initial goal was to finish my first triathlon and to challenge and enjoy my second triathlon.  I believe I did this goal in spades and I have continued to push my fitness and limits, to achieve and accomplish new feats and goals.  I was amazed when I realized all I had achieved in my first three months of this season, not just the triathlons, but running and cycling events and the quality of the workouts and effort I put into my en devours.  This enthusiasm and passion will continue to drive me forward to new levels of achievement as I finish my second half of my first season as an athlete and a triathlete.

The first half of this season was about getting familiar with triathlons and sport, the second half of the season is to continue to push the base fitness and to excel even farther and to finish the season on a very high note.  Similar to the first half my goal is to challenge myself but not to overwhelm my schedule with too many races or events.  I find this makes it more enjoyable and realistic, both from a training and financial standpoint.  The big focus of the second half of this season is my final triathlon in the middle of October, the Amelia Man Olympic Triathlon.  I am really aiming high with an Olympic at the end of the year as I am currently turtle slow.  Regardless, I have a little over three months to get some extra training in and to prepare a bit more.  I figured this would make an awesome end of season challenge and it would give a little no training break at the end.  This triathlon is in Jacksonville Florida on Amelia Island and the pictures look awesome.  They run three races concurrently: a sprint, Olympic/International/Half Iron.  I am super stoked and a bit nervous as the race is longer and as I pointed out, molasses could beat me in a race!  None the less, it will be a fun and rewarding challenge.

I have decided to take July off from racing to give a good transition point to start preparing for the longer distances involved in the Olympic race.  I do plan to do a 10k race at the end of July just to get a feel for how the distance feels in a  race environment.  But the bulk of July is good old fashioned grind it out training.

My Second Half Plans:

  • Georgia Games Run For Life 10k. – July 27th -First 10k that is local, hopefully they will be ok with an hour and a half finish time.
  • August 4th – Run For Wounded Heros 5k – Continuing with my goal to run the Kennesaw grand prix, this is the third race in the series.
  • Tri To beat cancer  Triathlon- August 18th.  I am treating this as one of  two sprint events I am doing that I will practice transitions, nutrition and tapering strategies.
  • Great Locamotive Chace- September 7th- fourth event to the Kennesaw grand prix 5k race series.
  • Beautiful Backroads Century – September 21st.  Various distances, will not push too hard as this will be a week before my last triathlon.  I allready ride allot of this route currently as its in my back yard.
  • Lake Lanier Triathlon – September 29th. The last sprint triathlon of the season and final experimentation grounds before my International distance triathlon.
  • Amelia Man Triathlon – October 13th Jacksonville Florida.  What everything is aiming towards, my last triathlon for the season and my longest distance race.  This includes an expo and Spaghetti dinner the night before, should be fun and after the race the wife and I can share some no training recovery time on the beach.

Pretty busy three and a half months, but everything is working towards that final triathlon and getting better at performing in triathlons. Last week I took a good amount of time to regroup and to set my sights on the months coming up as they should be fun and yet challenging.  I am so eager to see what I can do in that final longer distance race and to have a little no training time with the wife on the beach.  Its hard to believe what can be accomplished with just a small spark of belief! Til next time.


  1. AmeliaMan is a great race! Well organized. You do have an ocean swim but the bike is flat. It can be a rather warm day so hat, sunscreen and sunglasses are always good. Enjoy the race as stepping up to the olympic distance is a great achievement. You’ve put in a lot of good training, just take each piece of the race separately and have fun!

    1. I know a few people from my open water groups that are doing it as well. Because it runs 3 distances concurrently and is later in the year, it seems to be a very popular race. I like the fact that it has loose finish times. Looking forward to flat riding, going to be difficult to pace not having to climb constantly!

  2. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Looks like a great plan Chatter, those are some top notch races you’ve got lined up. I think you will handle the Olympic just fine. I like how you are doing a 10K before hand, that will give you a lot of confidence going into the longer distance. Good luck with your training and lead up! 🙂

    1. Thank you Simone.

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