Lazy Recovery Week Recap

Nice lazy Saturday afternoon.

Nice lazy Saturday afternoon.

Last week I was pretty much absent for the entire week from training and blogging.  This absence was not forced by injury or illness but by the fact that I hit the half way point of my first seasons of triathlons.  Also, the Allatoona triathlon(race recap here) had taken a bit out of the stamina, so it was time to take a week off from everything and gather up some much needed rest for the push into the second half of my first racing season.  Of course I still managed to get some work in, even though I spent more time sleeping and just enjoying some time with the wife.  Early in the week I took in a pilates class and did some deep stretching exercises.  The rest of the week I did nothing!!!

Saturday I finally broke the rest and went to one of the organized open water swims I am involved in.  This one is hosted by PTS Sports and gets a pretty good turn out, most of these people were also in the triathlon the week before and we enjoyed reliving our tales of the following week’s race.  Eventually it was time to get in the water and get to work.  Usually I get half way to the other beach before I turn around, finishing about 800 total meters.  This time I felt fearless and I pushed myself to calm down and get to the other side.  I just had to remind myself that if anything went wrong I could just roll over and float on my back, and if anything went horribly wrong there was a lifeguard in a kayak to help.  For the first time I swam to the other beach and got to hang out with everyone on the opposite beach before heading back.

After a bit of chit chat we all started swimming back towards the beach we started to conclude our approximate mile swim.  Half way across the lifeguard in the kayak, also a certified USAT coach, pulled up along side of me and started to try to get my attention.  I stopped and grabbed onto the kayak curious what he wanted that was so important to mess up my swim.  He told me he thought I had decent form but he noticed I was not grabbing and extending at the end when my hand enters the water.  In other words he wanted to give me coaching in the middle of the lake!  He was right and I swam like he recommended for a minute or two before the change in stroke began to wear me down.  I reverted to my half stroke with a mental note to practice reaching and stretching more in pool laps, my goal at that moment was to finish crossing the lake.  Of course the coach was right, looking over the data I was under 2 minute per 100 meter pace when I practiced what he was pointing out, I just don’t know if open water was the best place and I finally swam a mile in open water!

swimmingMainAs if a week of rest was too much, Saturday afternoon I decided to go for a leisurely bike ride.  This turned into a two hour, 28 mile ride.  It felt good to get out and stretch the legs out.  They took a while to get going, but I was not trying to push myself, I just wanted to enjoy the ride.  One issue I found was that I found I went through water much faster when it got hotter out, I nearly ran out of water.  Not sure what I can do to carry more water on longer rides as I wiped through my stash.  It was a gorgeous day for riding of course.  Last November I rode this same course and I had not ridden parts since.  The reason of course was that one of the hills had become a personal demon of mine.  Not sure why but it posed trouble on that day last November and kept haunting me so much that I avoided it.  Well not Saturday, I rode it and it hurt , but I conquered in the end and that was all that mattered.


Bike_elevationI found on Sunday the best way to follow up a great day of training was to do several hours of lawn work.  While I was resting for the entire week and gearing up for my future training and the second half of my season, I managed to get more hours into training for the week than I anticipated.  Of course I need to now go and practice in the pool what the coach told me in the middle of the water and its time to embrace the second half of my season. Til next time.



  1. That’s funny! It was nice of him to help you out, even in the middle of the open water!

  2. sweatingforit · · Reply

    Congrats on a mile in open water!

  3. Well done on the mile and on conquering your demon! You are progressing so well, I can’t wait to see how you do in the second half of your season.

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  5. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Congrats on the big swim mate and good luck with the second half of your season!

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