Its Time To Race: Training Week 4 Wrap Up and Look Ahead

review-mdThe move is now officially done and my second triathlon is near, I of course am ready for a much needed rest and recovery taper week.  This phase of training has culminated into a five week split due to the spacing between events.  As this is an extended period of time compared to normal I decided I would try to reduce last weeks hours a bit and then pile a few early week workouts into this week before taking several days off.  Last week was not bad as I was forced to take three weekdays off due to numerous unforeseen circumstances: busted tube stem with tire that would not come off, tornadoes and family illness.  This rest should have given the rest needed as my legs were getting heavy and I was feeling tired after all my workouts.  Unfortunately I pushed really hard on the days I did not take off and by my 5k and my open water swim and quick bike ride, my legs are feeling very dead and I am feeling very lethargic.  I think I underestimated the toll moving took on my body as it was not included in my spreadsheet of  hours.  I honestly think I have pushed a little hard without adequate rest.  Of course this does not matter now as this week is taper and rest week!!!

Summary including this weeks numbers.

Summary including this weeks numbers.

RunStatsBikeStatsAllatoona Triathlon Triathlon Training Week 4 Highlights:

  • Even though brief I did manage to get a quick ride on my bike and all felt good.  As this was Sunday the legs felt a little bit like lead.
  • Ran the second 5k in the Kennesaw Grand Prix.  Unfortunately my time was down by two minutes compared to the last one clocking in at 43 minutes compared to my official 41 minute time last time.
  • Continued focusing on swimming form in the pool and practicing in open water.  Nuff said.
  • Only got one strength session and now that moving is complete can get back to Pilates.
  • Practiced an open water swim session in my full kit, felt good, still tight.
  • Dropped down to 287 for the week weight wise.
  • Purchased a simple bike computer (I use my Timex Global Trainer most of the time) so when I am in a triathlon event and wearing my watch I can gauge my distance and speed.
Lost a little bit last week, just have to maintain and keep working on it.

Lost a little bit last week, just have to maintain and keep working on it.

There was not a whole lot more to this week.  I will admit I am ready for the taper week and getting myself a little rested for this triathlon.  With an 18 mile bike including some fairly technical climbs, my first open water swim start and a very hilly run I am a little anxious and nervous about this event.

Taper Week Goals and Strategies:

  • Monday is brick day.  This is not a hard ride and run, just practice moving and getting some transition and a little bit of running and riding practice in.
  • Tuesday: Pilates in the evening and stretching and rolling therapy.
  • Wednesday: Long walk, more stretching and rolling.  Possibly a few 500’s in the pool or some other intervals
  • Thursday: Stretching, rolling and soaking (going to give Epsom salts a shot)
  • Friday:  1/2 on a spin bike at really light effort.  Mostly to loosen the legs.  Go see Superman and relax.
  • Saturday:  Might do an open water swim as this is not too taxing, but mostly take the day easy and prepare for the race on Sunday.
  • Sunday: RACE!!!!
  • Entire Week: watch food intake, want to be as light as possible for race day as it will make going faster easier.

That is my last week in a nutshell and my plans for this week.  Hard to believe my second triathlon and my first season midpoint is looming so close.  I have been happy with my progress so far, even though it seems things have slowed a bit.  But, I will worry about that after this triathlon, I have a race to prepare for, time to go have some fun. Til next time.



  1. Forgive me if I’ve missed it, but which race are you doing Sunday? Is it another sprint tri? 🙂

    1. Yes, but this one is open water in Allatoona Lake, has a very technical 18 mile bike including one hill that is a mile long and climbs 200 feet of elevation and a super hilly 5k leg, I detailed my thoughts here:
      Thanks Gina, I have been a bit absent here with moving and getting to the final weeks of this training sprint.

  2. Ah yes, I remember now. Wow, late June really snuck up on us huh? Best of luck, my friend.

  3. GOOD LUCK! 🙂
    You will kick it!!!

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  5. kruzmeister · · Reply

    You will rock it bud, I have no doubt of that!!

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  7. […] Its Time To Race: Training Week 4 Wrap Up and Look Ahead ( […]

  8. […] Its Time To Race: Training Week 4 Wrap Up and Look Ahead ( […]

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