Another Week In the Books

MainSummaryI am a little late getting this up, but with moving, working and trying to train all at the same time, I am amazed I have found much room to sleep and breath the last couple of weeks.  Last week training wise had some high points, but the overall volume and lack of a cycling ride deflates me a bit.  The big thing is that I have moved and I am now working on getting things unpacked and put into place.  The wife set up an area just for all my tri gear in our new house so I am super excited to get my Tri-shrine established.

WeeklyRunningAs I mentioned, moving ate up most of my time last week, but I still managed to squeeze in 7 training hours.  The hardest part involved a limited workout time window of roughly one hour.  Often this meant that cycling would be out as it took too much time to check the bike and tires and get setup to ride.  Besides not cycling, I did get a few really good runs completed and I have focused more on swimming in open water more than in the pool.


  • Got a solid 9 miles and over two hours of running.  This included my first 5 mile run!  One of the runs was over the run course for my upcoming triathlon and boy is it hilly!
  • I practiced numerous sighting and swimming drills in the pool and followed this up with two open water swimming sessions, one of which I did not my own, swimming 100 meter sets between buoys.
  • Managed to get 2 strength sessions completed
  • Did interval training for cycling via a spin class.  Felt amazing to go back to the spin bike and feel how much easier it felt compared to how it used to feel.

WeightLossWeight wise things did not really budge this week.  Not sure if its the bad eating habits caused from the stress of moving or if my system is hitting an equilibrium.  I have adjusted the number of calories to reflect a weight closer to 290 instead of 300 and currently I am not moving much weight wise.  I will have to sit on it  for  a few weeks and see what might need to change.

This week is my last week of training before the next triathlon.  I have my second Kennesaw Grand Prix 5k at the end of this week and I am going to try to get  a Pilates session in sometime this week.  This week is the last training push  before tapering next week.  This triathlon looks hard with a very hilly 5k course and a very long 18 mile bike leg, but I signed up for it as I wanted the challenge.  One week of work left to do and this week I have to be careful as its the fourth week in this cycle, which is usually a recovery week.  Hopefully this week will be more balanced than last week and now that unpacking is commencing some normality can return.  We will see, til next time.



  1. Definitely a solid week with everything that involved with moving. Hopefully you can get in some bike time this week since that’s the longest part of the upcoming Tri.

    Well done.

  2. Moving certainly brings a host of challenges! Good job keeping at it!

  3. Don’t beat yourself up over the weight, Chatter…you are still down 10 pounds since April, an average of around a pound a week…good going!

  4. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Good luck with your up coming triathlon and 5k Chatter. You have done remarkably well to get in any training during moving house. I’m sure you’ll conquer the challenge you’ve set for yourself in fine style!

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