The Friday Weigh In

Diet4Today is Friday and that means its time to examine my weight loss progress. I did not post results last week as I was a bit devastated by a terrible result, but I did summarize it in my weekly wrap up.  After dropping below 290 and reaching 288 weeks before, I jumped back to a previous weight of 290 pounds.  I know the basic reason for the jump resulted from just not eating right often enough.  Instead of a meal or two of unhealthy choices I ended up with three to four really high fat, high calorie meals.  Most of it resulted from moving and training concurrently and giving in to my wife’s desire for greasy pizza.  So last week I did not dwell on the numbers, instead I kept putting the daily weights and calories into my spreadsheet and kept plugging away.

My current progress including averages.

My current progress including averages.

Examining my daily weights versus Friday number did reveal some inconsistencies.  The Friday number proved highly volatile to the type of workouts performed and foods eaten the night before and often seemed quite different compared to the apparent daily numbers.  I realize that weight fluctuates due to water, food and other factors, but I really wanted to figure out a better way to see the overall trends and patterns involving my weight and weight loss.  What I really wanted involved finding a better method to quantify my results than a one day number.   I realized I might have all the data I already needed and I decided to see what would happen if I computed the weekly average weight.

Weight vs Average Weight versus goal weight calculated as previous weeks average -2 pounds.

Weight vs Average Weight versus goal weight calculated as previous weeks average -2 pounds.

Discernible patterns emerged as a by product of this little experiment.  Instead of one day controlling the end weight result all seven days influenced the weekly weight number, thus accounting for all the up and down weight fluctuations that happen in a given week. Some earlier observations where based on Friday alone, looked like a good weight loss now showed less loss than earlier figured.  Weeks where I reduced training volume and ate ok as well as last week show more of a stabilization pattern or a consistent weight number.

Some Interesting Observations:

  • The week I weighed 288 on Friday had an average weight of 291.6 and actually reflected a very small weight loss compared to the previous week’s average.
  • This weeks 289.8 Friday measure only shows a very small loss, but comparing averages is almost 2 pounds loss.  This means this entire week I weighed less than the previous week.
  • Weekly weight values give an entire week’s history of progress and does not allow one day to outweigh the other days.
  • The cumulative loss looks more realistically inline with actual real world numbers.

So far, since I started paying attention to weight and calories I have lost about 12 pounds since the beginning of April.  The April average was 6.54 and the May average was a bit slower at 4.20 pounds.  May had a few weeks with a reduction in training volume as I used my Tour De Cure ride as a means to experiment with tapering strategies.  As I am now in the 290 range of weight I need to recalculate my calorie numbers and readjust a bit.  My maintenance level will be closer to 3900 and I need to aim for 2900-3200 calories depending on which activities I am doing for the day.

Weekly calorie consumption.

Weekly calorie consumption. Wednesday was a bit low but I  took it as a recovery day. 

This week is the first week of using the averages and so far I think they provide a better number.  I am amazed that in two months I have dropped roughly twelve pounds so far and I have maintained the loss.  That is the important part, maintaining and not yo-yo-ing, building sustainable weight loss results.  My overall goal for next month is to get to 284-285 weekly average by my triathlon on June 23rd. If I follow this week’s strategy I should be able to hit that goal and maybe go beyond.  Of course this weekend is the big move to the new house, so next week my wife will be back to cooking and more easily controllable meal plans.  Of course a weekly average loss of almost two pounds this week is not too bad, I will take it.  Til next time.



  1. Don’t focus too much on your weight. Remember that as you’re training harder and longer, you’re building more muscle so your weight will flutuate some. Also, drink lots of water during these hotter and more humid months. Becoming dehydrated will trick your body into thinking it’s hungry when what you really need is more H20. Keep up the great work with training for your tri!

    1. Thank you, I know not to fixate too much. Just like my numbers and it keeps things on track, as I want to get less heavy so I can get faster. Lets just say that keeping track of the weight goes along with the rest of my training tracking. I think getting an average for each week normalizes the fluctuations a bit, I can see some trends just based on eating habits already.
      I so totally agree with you on the water front and find I drink it like a sieve on hot and cold days. Cannot say enough about h20 consumption except drink more:)

      Thank you for the vote of confidence and lets go take the day!

  2. My scale and I have an understanding that if the needle swings past a certain point then it’s going out the window. Lol. Honestly, I understand your frustration. Sometimes we just have to regroup and keep going until we the results we want…………..Healthy Journey!

    1. Love it, might have to make that agreement with it. Looking at the weight data in average form really helps understanding what works and doesn’t.

  3. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Don’t beat yourself up over small fluctuations in weight Chatter. Consistency is where it is at in the long run. You are doing great. Be kind to yourself and try not to analyse things to death. There has to be a little give and take or you will drive yourself nuts!

    1. I agree with consistency, but I love my data. By keeping track of the minutia i can easily identify where I erred versus where something is screwy but I do not know why (Actually rarely happens, I can account for the numbers every week so far and no what to expect based on eating habits and work out schedules). When I feel like analyzing something to death I will come read about one of your crazy workouts, they always remind me how much harder I could be working!

      1. kruzmeister · · Reply

        I really admire your determination and planning, I just don’t want to see you putting too much pressure on yourself to the point where it isn’t fun for you anymore. I have no doubt you’ll reach all your weight loss targets and goals in time.

  4. trikatykid · · Reply

    Good work! Keep it up. I need to hop on a scale myself.. had a great week and I want to keep that going! It helps to have motivation. But don’t let those jumps discourage you, just empower you!!

    1. Empowerment is how I lost 12 pounds or so in the last two months. Important thing is that I kept them off.

      1. trikatykid · · Reply

        Good job!!!!

  5. […] On average weight was at 289.8 – on the edge of heading and staying in the 280s (here is the weight loss post). […]

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