Allatoona Triathlon Week 1 Review

pts_allatoona2011As noted in my previous ‘Where To’ post (here) the completion of the first half of my 2013 race season will culminate in the completion of a second 5k race in the Kennesaw Grand Prix race series and the completion of the Allatoona Sprint Triathlon.  So the next several weeks will focus on preparing for this triathlon. The first week of this training phase involved recovering a bit more and doing a lighter week of work in order to really pile on the training.  Additionally I am moving at the end of this week so last week and this week will also involve moving as well as squeezing in a training schedule. The first week of this current phase actually was pretty good and helped to set a laser focus for the weeks of work ahead.

Before digging into the highs and lows of last weeks training, I want to explain why this next triathlon seems so intimidating.  It is a sprint distance race with a pretty standard 500 meter/yard open water swim, my first in a race. I am only slightly nervous about the open water swim as it will be my first triathlon with an open water swim. Compound that with the issues I had in the pool for my first and there are a few concerns.  The biggest abnormality in this triathlon is the bike distance of 18 miles with a 1.2 mile 500 foot climb towards the end.  I am not the strongest or anywhere close to fastest rider and long hard uphill climbs are still a huge challenge.  The last daunting portion of this race is a super hilly 5k run that I heard everyone bemoaning last year.  I chose this race due to the challenging nature of the race as well as the fact it is literally in my back yard.  I wanted a challenge and this will surely be a big challenge.

Overall last weeks training went pretty well.  The goal was to recover from my first 37 mile bike ride event and get my body ready for some tough weeks.  Additionally I knew I would have to buy some good will with the wife as I will have to move and train simultaneously.

Allatoona Triathlon Training Week 1 Highlights:

  • Got in a light brick of 5 miles riding and 2 miles running
  • Ran 4.6 miles on Sunday.  The goal was to run 4 miles and then feel it out on going further.  When I got to the half way point I decided I could safely push it a bit more.   Of course at 4.6 miles I was toast.  Good run and I am building up the mileage.
  • Got a good 20 mile ride in and I feel like I am getting stronger and smarter going up hills.
  • Did not get pilates or swimming in for the week.  I need to refocus on swimming and continue to build up the skills needed.  Need to find another method of doing pilates as early mornings are unreasonable for right now.
  • Got a strength session in at my gym instead of work gym.  Good to get a  little bit of a mix up in the machines I usually use, I was actually sore a bit.
  • Even with a light week I got a solid 5 hours of training.

MainWeeklySummaryweekrunSumaryThe bad part of last week was that I shot up two pounds for the week.  Looking at the logs I keep it is obvious where things broke down.  The first of the two biggest mistakes was not reducing my calories enough with  the shift in workout reduction.  I should have been eating closer to 3000 calories or a bit lower and instead I was eating closer to 4000 calories.  Of course most of those calories came from too many poor eating choices during long hours of packing and moving and not being creative in finding food alternatives and reaching for quick junk food.

weeklyAverageweightVSAvgOne interesting thing I decided I wanted to look at was the average weight for the week based on my daily numbers.  I am not sure what to make of the numbers but I think it shows some interesting correlations and will be an interesting statistic to add to my tracking numbers.  It might be a more reliable number as I weigh myself pretty much the same time every day and it might be better for determining my average weight without worrying about factors that might affect a single days numbers.  The overall good things so far is that my weight numbers are staying consistently in the lower 290s right now and have not spiked back up above 295.

A good solid semi-recovery week that will help me to ease into weeks of harder work ahead.  I need to find a way to get some pilates in and I need to focus a bit more on swimming and open water swimming.  The next couple of weeks should be fun with the mixed training and moving schedules merged.  I hope I will get my diet back into alignment for next week and I can ramp the training up to ten hours for this first effort week.  Should be interesting.  Til next time.


  1. Nice training week! Hills are a killer. My one and only Tri was Pumpkinman here in Las Vegas and I about died on the bike. to quote the description from the promoter’s website: “A steady 4.3% climb for a little over 5.6 miles will lead you to a left hand turn onto Nevada Way, then a 6% climb for about a mile” the total climb is 1335′. All I can say is you have to climb hills to get better at climbing hills. 🙂 Can’t wait to follow the balance of your training and the actual race report!


    1. Thank you. That sounds like a tough ride! I actually enjoy the challenge of hills, just not good at them yet.

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