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The first of six races in the series that I ran this first half of my training program.

The first of six races in the series that I ran this first half of my training program.

In five more weeks I will have finished the first half of my 2013 race schedule.  While it might not physically be the half way mark, it is training wise the half way mark.  When I setup this schedule last year I was uncertain about what I could do.  At the time I had little faith I could finish a triathlon, let alone a season of triathlons.  But I aimed big and up to January of this year I kept refining the schedule til I knew what I had laid out was possible.  Of course, the more I trained and the harder I pushed, the more I realized what I was capable of doing and the more limits and barriers fell. In the end the schedule encompassed two broad large goals, thus the split in the race season training schedule.

The first half of the race season was truly just becoming a triathlete.  The goal entailed doing my first and second sprint distance triathlons, a couple of running events and the Tour De Cure.  This first half basically boiled down to becoming an athlete and getting my feet wet in the sport.  So far I have finished the first of six 5k races in a series, rode in the Tour De Cure and completed my first triathlon.  In five more weeks I will be at the completion of this first half when I run the second of six 5k races and then complete my second triathlon.  The next phase, which I will cover more in other posts, will center around preparing and training for my first Olympic international distance triathlon  race at the end of the year as the primary goal.

So what does the next five weeks entail?  More of what has gotten me to this point:

  • Focus on nutrition – my first triathlon was a nutrition nightmare, focus and work on getting this sorted out.
  • Focus on increasing running endurance – I want to get up to 6 miles of running by July, so my running needs to focus on increasing my distance.  My last phase I reduced running while increasing my riding time.  I need to get back to a balanced workout approach regarding time spent running versus riding and swimming.
  • Swimming wise need to get some open water practice in and need to keep hammering out the basics.
  • Bricks: I have a triathlon at the end of this next five week period, time to throw some bricks into each week.
  • Cycling: I need to continue to develop endurance and strength in my legs.
  • Diet/Nutrition: I like the strategy I employed on my three hour cycling event, need to try this in my next triathlon.  Also need to stay strong on loosing additional weight.  The more that comes off the faster I will get.
  • Have fun

That is pretty much my focus for this five week sprint.  This week should be a bit of a light week and next week and the week after I will ramp up the effort and intensity.  Then I am going to shoot for a two week taper where I reduce the volume by about 60-80 percent the first taper week and 40-60 percent race week.  I attempted this last week for my tour de cure ride and it seemed to work pretty well. On  event day my legs felt good and ready to go, so maybe I have found the tapering strategy that will work for me.

I cannot wait to finish this first half of my 2013 season and look back on my progress.  Of course the next phase will only get harder as the end goal is an olympic triathlon.  But for now the next five weeks there is enough to keep me focused and busy. Til next time.


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