Tour De Cure Phase In Review

My wife snapped this picture just as I was getting ready to leave.  I am now down to 290 lbs.

My wife snapped this picture just as I was getting ready to leave. I am now down to 290 lbs.

Sunday’s  harrowing 37 mile bike ride (read about it here) marked the completion of my five week Tour De Cure phase.  This phase followed the completion of my first major milestone, my first triathlon.  I had several goals and objectives I wanted to achieve in this phase and a few I added as I went along.  The result of this phase was my Tour De Cure Atlanta ride.  There were numerous objectives I wanted to fix from my first triathlon and the two biggest were my pre-race/event training and a reduction in my weight to become faster. So I focused on both in this phase and even pushed my boundaries a bit.  But the biggest push this phase focused on getting time in the saddle and to prepare for the Tour De Cure bike ride.

In setting up my training schedule I decided that the taper I attempted last event/race was too relaxed.  I felt off on race day.  So this phase I decided I would do one good solid run, one solid swim and an easy to medium level low mileage bike ride.  In my previous preparation I had taken the entire week easy, in my opinion now a little too easy.  I ended up completing a four mile run earlier in the week,and then followed it up with a swim session and lastly an hour of fairly moderate riding.  In my opinion this worked wonderfully and my muscles felt fresh and responsive on event day.  I might try a similar pattern when preparing for my next event or triathlon.


I ran the Swift Cantrell Classic 5k, the first of 6 races.

Besides the change to pre-event preparation I began to work to run more often and get some focus on my strength program.  The bulk of the time in the phase though was  taken up by spending hours on the bike and sometimes completing rides by the light of my headlight.  I ended up with allot of in-the-saddle time this phase and it paid off when riding this last Sunday.

TDCPhaseWeightThe other big highlight was my goal to loose some weight and reduce the amount of weight I was carrying.  Based on analyzing my eating and workout habits I realized I was not eating enough calories for the amount of exertion I was expending, so I upped my calories and the set Friday as the only day I accepted as my current weight.  I saw the weight come flying off and I am on my way to getting lighter and looking great for that Beach triathlon in October.

Tour De Cure Phase Highlights:

  • 42 Hours of training in 5 weeks!!!
  • Might have found a tapering strategy that really works for me!
  • 13 Hours and roughly 175 miles of bike riding.
  • Finished my single week highest cycling total mileage just over 63 miles.
  • Consistently trained with basic weights twice a week for all weeks except event week.
  • Ran a 5k race in 40:01 a new PR!!!
  • Completed a 37 mile ride event, 10 miles in extreme weather.
  • Started running and training for a 10K distance race in July, running 4 miles in one week.
  • Started phase weighing close to 302 and finished weighing 288!


Phase training number including totals.

Phase training number including totals.

TDCPhaseRunsTDCPHaseBikeOverall a really busy training phase, but also a very productive one.  I have found a true passion for cycling and for cycling events.  I think I will shoot for another one in September, maybe a 65 mile event.  The next couple of weeks will be interesting as I have a move coming up that will impact my training a bit.  I am eager though to get started with the next phase and to prepare for my next triathlon.  I feel like its been a bit too long since I did a triathlon, but I have been busy and my triathlon schedule is stacked more leading up to my final Olympic/International triathlon planned for the middle of October.  More on this later.  Til next time.


  1. Well done! Sounds like you’re ready for a 50! Keep it up.

  2. This is so great. You are making so much progress. That weight loss is super impressive. Keep it up!

  3. Love reading about your progress! Sounds like you’re doing great!!!

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  7. kruzmeister · · Reply

    You are doing such a great job Chatter! Good luck with the rest of the season!!

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