Not Doing Much of Anything

After four solid weeks of training including some high mileage riding weeks I decided this week I needed to rest a little extra as I was feeling beat.  I wanted to be as fresh as possible for the Atlanta Tour De Cure event and I really needed some extended rest as I had pushed myself pretty hard.  Of course recovery and taper for me do not mean taking the week off, just reducing the weekly volume.  For me this means cutting out two and three a day workouts and trying to take it a bit easier in the single workouts I get completed.

Tuesday run details.  Showing some progress! Click to go to page.

Tuesday run details. Showing some progress! Click to go to page.

I started the week on Tuesday and decided initially I would go out for an easy couple of miles from the house I am moving into in the country.  The hardest thing with running up there is that the uphills do not end quickly, they just gradually go up forever.  After a few minutes of running I decided to just run til I felt like turning around, maybe a couple of miles.  I was not pushing too hard and I kept a decent pace.  I limited my amount of walking to minimal bursts.  In the end I wound up completing four miles in just under an hour.  Not the fastest time, but for now I will take it.  I was amazed that while a bit strenuous, I was able to push the run and I really enjoyed the nice crisp weather.

mapelevationWednesday, last night was a swim night.  I basically did 1500 meters of swimming focusing on drills for the first half and speed on the second half.  Overall it was a good swim session and actually allowed my legs to get a brief reprieve.  I was hoping to get some hot tub time but it was broken so I just stretched and soaked in the pool.

Tonight the plan is to simply get a few miles on the bike, maybe an hour or so, I am not sure how far or long I want to go.  My goal is to just ride a bit to loosen up the sore muscles and get a bit of a work out in.  Tomorrow and Saturday will be off days with heavy stretching and then Sunday will be the Tour De Cure.  I am very excited and eager to do my first cycling event and its a great cause as well.

As per suggestions and some serious soul searching I have decided to limit myself to the 37 mile ride.  Most of my training rides have been in the 20 mile range and I think 37  miles will still provide a good challenge.  Realistically its is the logic extent of my current riding abilities.  This will allow me to challenge myself and still allow me to enjoy all the festivities.    I am aiming to expand this range over the summer and to get better as a cyclist, but that will take time.  The only last worry I have now is riding in a group or with people.  I usually ride solo and actually prefer it.  I guess I will have to get over this issue when the event starts.  So eager and ready for the Tour De Cure and thank you to everyone who donated to this great cause.  Til next time.



  1. Rest is a part of training. Always schedule in extra days off every 3-4 weeks.

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