Major Weight Loss Milestone Reacheld

Diet4Last month I began an overhaul of my diet as I had hit a weight loss plateau and something needed to change.  I did not come about this decision because of looks as my primary motivation.  Instead the motivation stemmed from the fact that I realized I wanted to get faster in my athletic en devours first and foremost. Secondly I wanted to look better in my triathlon clothing and thirdly I wanted to look and feel better later in the year when I do my last event, an Olympic at Fernandina Beach/Amelia Man Island.

With that in mind I set into motion a plan.  I realized my weight was hovering around 300 and that occasionally it would go a bit down or  a bit up depending on diet. On average it like 302 pounds and that is mostly where it stayed.  After much research and some good discussion with fellow nutrition and athletic bloggers I pushed forward with my plan.

FridayProgressMy plan was simple, eat more.  Actually it was more like eat enough.  At the time I was working out two to three times a day but I was eating only 1800 – 2000 calories a day.  Running through a bunch of BMR calculations I have previously described (here and here) I put a plan in motion to eat roughly 3000-4000 calories based on exertion level of my activities.  The hardest part was simply waiting, documenting and expecting change to be noticeable.  On the second week of April I began recording my daily weight and total daily calories.  I determined the Friday of every week would be my base day, where the only accepted weight measurement would be on that day.  This simply keeps the sanity as weight goes up and down all week long.

fridayWeightProgressThis Friday I hit a major milestone, I hover on the cusp of being in the 280’s!  I have not seen the 280’s since I was in university back in 2000.  As of today I have lost a total of twelve pounds since the 12 th of April!!!  And the kicker is I did it by eating enough food.  Of course I stick to healthier options and fewer ‘bad’ meals so I feel better too.  My waist is going down, my face is looking thinner and I am starting to feel faster.  Its only 12 pounds but its a huge milestone.  Time to recalculate and adjust for the rest of May and June.

My wife snapped this picture just as I was getting ready to leave.  I am now down to 290 lbs.

My wife snapped this picture just as I was getting ready to leave. I am now down to 290 lbs.

I am eager to get below 290 and very excited at the prospects this will mean towards my remaining racing season.  Til next time.



  1. Lookin’ good!
    (As an aside…I found that every 10 pounds I lost realized several seconds faster in my running…just a thought)

  2. Annabelle · · Reply

    This is a great post! I argue all the time with running friends who want to lose weight, and so restrict calories, which then limits nutrition, and so the actually gain weight. Once we stop trying to outsmart our bodies, the cooperate. Way to go! Keep on it!

  3. You’re doing great. The easy thing is to give up when things get tough. You analyzed the situation, became aware of what needed to be done and now you are doing it. You should be proud of your self to taking charge of your life and not letting it just happen and continue to gain those few extra pounds each year.
    I wish you continued success!

  4. kruzmeister · · Reply

    You are a true inspiration Chatter! Keep up the good work my friend! – Simone 🙂

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