Tour De Cure Phase Week 3 In Review

Tour De Cure Atlanta phase statistics.

Tour De Cure Atlanta phase statistics.

Another week in the books and two weeks closer to the Tour De Cure charity event to raise money to fight Diabetes (Donate Here, two weeks left!).  I am eager to participate in this event and to be able to give back in some way.  My original intention was to ride a 100 miles in the event, but recent weather and lack of saddle time has left me reflective and now, based on everyone’s suggestions and my realization of my limits, I will probably go with a much smaller goal and just enjoy more of the day. I appreciate everyone’s input on this matter and it has given me great pause and thought to determine the correct direction to proceed with.


Bike and run stats for the Tour De Cure Phase.

Bike and run stats for the Tour De Cure Phase.

I am still pushing the training to prepare for this event and my following triathlons.  I officially registered for an Olympic/International distance  race in October, the Amelia Man Triathlon in Fernandina Beach Jacksonville Florida.  With six months of training available and a few sprint distance races planned I believe I will be prepared and ready to finish this race come October.  It will be fun way to travel, have some triathlon time and some time with the wife and friends in the area.  This means besides loosing weight to get faster, I need to loose weight to look good on the beach in October!  But, for this moment the focus is on the Tour De Cure and my June Triathlon and my move in the beginning of June.  Allot of things going on.

Week 3 Highlights:

  • Ran my fastest 2 mile split time under 30 minutes running an average of 13 minutes per mile.
  • Ran in the rain and pulled off two 11-12 minute miles and ran a 5k under 40 minutes.
  • Stuck to my eating plan and for the first time in months I have not returned to the 300 mark.  Currently I am around 293 from last Friday’s measure, down from 299 on April 12th(two Fridays ago)
  • Ate good healthy meals and snacks – mostly eating whole foods, nuts, fruits and vegetables as snacks.
  • Got a full week of 3 running workouts completed.
  • Not as much biking or swimming this week.  Iron Man 3 preview on Thursday and rain reduced those efforts this week.
  • Rode my bike in the rain – gaining some invaluable weather experience
  • Got in 2 strength sessions and a pilates session.
  • Threw in a couple of really easy lunch time recovery spin sessions.


Weight versus caloric intake and daily intake numbers.

Weight versus caloric intake and daily intake numbers.

fridayWeightOverall a pretty good week.   The inches are coming off the waist as I now am down another belt size and the pounds are showing the similar results.  As I mentioned I often weigh every day, but it is Friday’s number that is the only one I officially count for my current total.  I feel I am getting faster at running and I am feeling more power in my pedal stroke on the bike.  My swim workouts need some renewed focus as its dropped off a bit. I am still a bit of a slow swimmer as I am still hovering around a 2 minute 100 swim time.  So besides a wet week providing some challenge from mother nature it has been a good week!   Til next time.


  1. Great news man… Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, so far so good… just have to stick with it.

  2. Excellent progress on the weight and good to see an Olympic make its way on the 2013 schedule. I have my very first Olympic coming up on May 19th and although I’m not sure I’m entirely ready for it, it will be a great experience regardless… Keep up the work.

    1. I am feeling ok about the olympic right now. I now I can swim the mile in 40 minutes or so and I can bike the 24 miles on a ton of hills in about two hours. Still no progress yet on the six miles. Thanks though.

  3. Jacksonville…October….? Hmmmmmmm…..keep reminding me about that Chatter…it just may be a “go”…..

  4. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Going along great guns Chatter, keep it up mate! 🙂

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