One Very Wet Weekend… Trained Anways

20130505_172053This weekend in Georgia the weather proved miserable, as we were deluged with almost nonstop rain and thunder storms.  Of course, this did little to deter my training plans, as I managed to get my long 3 mile run completed on Saturday and a short 12 mile bike ride on Sunday.  Of course, both of these involved slogging it out in the rain.

Run map and splits for Saturday run.

Run map and splits for Saturday run.

On Saturday it looked bleak but not too bad rain wise.  I could barely see a light drizzle so I figured I would get my three mile run completed.  On my previous Wednesday run I had achieved close to a thirteen minute per mile pace and finished two miles in under thirty minutes (read about it here), a personal best!  I was stoked to get out and run on a slightly inclined flat path and to run a 5k training distance again.  As I headed out I noticed the drizzle was more of a light rain, as the tree cover had hidden the true downfall.  Still determined I continued on with my run.  After five minutes of running the rain was really coming down.  Additionally, I was running on a sidewalk of a busy road and ended up getting misted from the cars as well.  By the time I returned home I was soaked and chilled to the bone.


Base run stats, click for larger image.

Looking over the data, my GPS did not kick in for the first two minutes so my first  and second splits were roughly 11 minute per minute mile pace.  I ended up running over a 5k distance in 40 minutes and finished the 5k distance in 38 minutes.  While it was wet and rainy I still pulled out another personal best and I held it for two miles.


Sunday’s Ride and details. Click for Strava page.

On Sunday I wanted to get some miles in, but the weather did not support my effort. I figured I could use some rain riding experience, but if I heard thunder I would abandon my ride.  For a short few minutes the sun came out and the air only hinted at rain.  But within fifteen minutes of my ride the rain had started to come down.  I learned pretty quickly that when you are moving on a bike, rain stings when it hits the skin.  I rode on to finish 12 miles but in the end it started thundering out and the sky grew eerily dark, so I figured I would not play stupid and wrap up the training early for the day. Overall it still was not a bad hour of riding.  I am actually enjoying the climbs more and the challenge they bring, not sure what I think about riding in the rain though.

SundayElevationSo an overall wet weekend with some big achievements in my running performance.  Every time I ride I feel like I grow stronger and more experienced with each pedal stroke.  There are still occasions where I feel like my quads will burst, but on these moments I reach down and push just a bit harder, as the only other option is to stop and walk the hill, and I did not get on my bike to walk it around like a date at the prom.  Even with inclement weather I was still able to pull out a weekend of solid workouts.  Til next time.



  1. I can run forever in a summer rain… On a bike? Pretty much hate it because I know I’m going to blow an hour or two cleaning up the bike after. Nice job getting out!

    1. Yeah I agree. It took forever to de-mud the bike so it could be brought back in the house.

      1. I love running in summer rain too, but not when it’s 40 degrees out. We’ve been experiencing some strange weather here on the east coast.

  2. Great job! Way to not let the weather derail you. Pass some of that juju this way, please. Our weather has SUCKED.

    1. It was not easy. It really became a matter of not wanting to stop as I was already wet. Thanks for the kudos though.

      1. 🙂 Indeed! Good job.

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  4. Running in the rain is so exhilarating as long as it is warm rain and not too cold or hot. Biking is OK but as mentioned, you have to clean your bike afterwards.

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  6. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Nice job on toughing out the weather Chatter, personally I don’t mind the wet, it’s the cold that gets me. Here’s hoping you get some nice spring weather soon!

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