Living With Diabetes: Help Me Fight Diabetes

Help me to fight diabetes today.

Help me to fight diabetes today.

If you have read my blog for a while you probably know I fight diabetes on a daily basis.  Some of the blame falls on my shoulders as I was the one who did not take care of my health.  There were additional circumstances that additionally contributed.  Being diabetic is fairly easy for me now, I just have to watch my sugar levels and try to eat balanced proteins and carbohydrates.  It adds a bit more complexity to athletic endevours as there are times when I need to deliberately spike my glucose levels.  I have adapted to my condition and becoming immersed in athletics has provided a saving grace.

When I decided I wanted to do something with my fitness to give back, I realized my diabetes was the perfect cause to get behind.  I discovered the American Diabetes Association hosted a multi-city cycling event to help raise money and awareness to fund various diabetes research and awareness initiatives.  The difficulty for me lies in asking for donations, but I am stepping out of that comfort zone and asking that if you have not donated to please make a donation today.  All funds go to the American Diabetes Association, is tax deductible and is a great cause.    Click this link or the banner above and please donate today.  If you have already made a donation I thank you and ask that you please pass this on to others you might know.  Help me to meet my fundraising goal, with only 16 days left now is the time to contribute and help me in my cause.

A good friend of mine has also offered to donate 15% of all sales using the code ‘aaron15’ from her online jewelry store to my fund raising as well.  So take a look at her site as she has all manner of hand made custom jewelry and get your self some bling to help my cause.

Help me to meet my fund raising goals and more importantly to fight diabetes!

Til next time.


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