How Far Should I Commit… Experienced Riders Please Help

Click to donate  to  raise money for diabetes.

Click to donate to raise money for diabetes.

If you read my earlier post (here) I am weeks away from a major cycling event to raise money for diabetes.  The ride is full of festivities and has many perks just for riders with diabetes, beyond the regular riders.  The event features numerous distances including a 37,65 and 100 mile rides.  My original intention was to shoot for the 100 mile ride and go as far as I can go.  With weeks away and only a few 20+ rides under my belt my wife is putting her foot down and insisting I look at doing a smaller distance.

I understand her reasoning in some ways.  I only recently did my first triathlon and it scared her how much one bad swim effected the rest of my race.  Additionally I bought my bike right before the winter hit and got very few miles on it.  As it has warmed up here in Georgia I have increasingly been putting miles on it, but still not more than 20+ miles as I have had additional responsibilities.  I am getting stronger as a rider and more fit every month, but there is still allot of work to be done.

So the question comes down to this: Should I give up the 100 mile and go for 37 or 65 miles instead.  I think I could do 65 as I do 20+ right now and feel pretty fresh, albeit slow.  One benefit to giving up the larger distance of 100 miles would be the fact I get to enjoy more of the festivities of the day.  I am just worried that if I do too few miles I will feel like I did not do enough.  Should I attempt the 65?  Or should I go for the safer 37 mile ride and spend more time enjoying the day?  Or should I not give up and still try for 100 miles? Will I think less of myself if I do not try for 100?  Hard questions…


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  1. I’m going to give you my unvarnished… At 20’s as your base, 100 will kick your butt. The 65 will be a hell of an accomplishment but here’s the trick: I’ve only ever doubled my daily rides for sportives. In other words, my longest ride before last year’s 100k (my first) was 35.5 but I did that several times. Now, this year I was in better shape but I had way less road time because of the weather… The only reason I knew I could gut that out is that I’d done double that the year before… I knew I’d make it in other words.

    For you to do the 100 mile, it’s going to take you upwards of eight hours, maybe more… That’s a long day in the saddle brother. If it were me, I’d do the 65. Looking from the outside in, I’d recommend the 37 for you – give your wife a break, kick the snot out of the ride and complain that it was too short as as on as you see her… Then do a 100k, then a real century. Good luck brother. 😉

  2. Paris Love · · Reply

    I’m doing the Tour de Cure in Oregon on July 20th and plan on doing the full 100 miles. I’m not a red rider, just know other red riders and am there for support. If you’ve only reached 20 miles so far, then you should probably aim for the 65. Try to get 30-40 in a single ride this weekend. I kind of plateaued at 20 miles, then ended up doing a 35 mile ride on accident (I get lost really, really easy). I found the extra fifteen surprisingly easy. With just over 2 weeks to go, trying to reach that 100 mile is going to be really, really tough. You should be training everyday with at least 10 miles per day. Try to hit 20 miles every other ride. Rest one day, do a short 10 mile ride on Monday May 13th and Tuesday May 14th, a 40 mile ride on Wednesday May 15th and then rest from Thursday on. Your body will need to completely recover from training before you push the 65 miler on Sunday. Eat light the day before and the morning of the ride.

    Good luck and enjoy your ride! Would you like to come ride in Oregon for our TDC on July 20th?

  3. I’d leave the ego at home and enjoy the 37. Consider it a solid training ride as that’s exactly what it is. Don’t make it into an A race and enjoy the day. After all your out there for a great cause and with a lot of great people. Take your time, get to know a few and most importantly for this one, listen to your wife.

  4. The rule of thumb is being able to do 2/3 of the distance on event day. So with training around 20 miles or so, I’d recommend the 37 miler. You will enjoy the day and it will probably feel too easy. Then sign up for your next event in the early/mid summer and shoot for a 50 or 62 (metric). As long as you can get to 40 miles, you can finish a metric. Once you finish a metric, sign up for another event in the autumn and get your training to at least 70 miles. Then you will be totally ready for the century.

    Good luck!!

  5. I agree with the above comments. Given what you’ve done so far, the 37-mile ride could still be a push, but also enjoyable. 100 will NOT be fun, and there’s a chance you wouldn’t finish. Better to set an attainable goal, and walk away confident that you can do more next time. To go from 20 to even 65 is a huge jump. And keep the terrain in mind: hills? Forget it. I was doing 35 miles regularly last summer and then did a 50-miler that was extremely hilly (and cold). It wasn’t an enjoyable day! Good luck with whatever you decide.

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  7. I just sent you an e-mail. I will support you no matter how far you ride!

  8. I really, really don’t recommend the full century. I had gone up to 80 miles in weekly long rides, and it was still a challenging day for me.

    I think which distance you choose depends on what kind of ride you want to have. 37 miles and really push it, or 65 miles taking it easy and slow. 🙂 Either way, I believe in you! And way to go, Mrs. Chatter, for looking out for your health and safety.

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