A New 2 Mile Run PR


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Spring is finally here and running has become enjoyable again as temperatures hover in the low seventies with nice soft breezes and cool evenings.  Of course this is the lull before the oppressive heat and humidity accompanying Georgia’s summers.  Its the perfect weather for being outdoors and time to get out and get in some enjoyable runs.  This week so far I ran 2.5 miles on Tuesday and 2 Miles yesterday.  For the past month I have struggled with my running performance, finding myself often walking as much as running.  I have been working to return to my previous continuous running capabilities but so far it has been an arduous task, til this week.

Before my first triathlon several weeks ago, I was running a 5k race just under 45 minutes.  I decided to fix this by focusing a few weeks on speed work and improving my form, unfortunately it worked a little bit too well.  When I returned to long, non interval runs I often found myself tiring before completing a mile.  This led to allot of running and walking, instead of steady running.  The problem existed in the fact I had issues with my pace.  Often I had a harder time running slow enough to sustain a 2-3 mile effort.

wedrun2When I started this current training stint, I decided to focus on just running and return to the base of being able to run an entire 5k distance. The last couple of week’s efforts were often trying and I struggled to maintain a jog for more than ten minutes.  On Tuesday I became super determined to push it and forced myself to run a full mile before walking.  Then I walked briefly, returning to a run shortly there after.  I was unable to finish the entire second mile as I finished it by returning to the walk.  My pace hovered near fifteen minutes for the duration of the first mile, a time slower than my previous best pace.

Last night I decided enough was enough, it was time to push it and just run the distance.  I would not let myself give any excuses.  So with a run the night before, a weight session the afternoon before, a pilates session that morning, an hour spin that afternoon, I embarked to run and not stop til I was sure I could not go any further.  I did not look at the pacing on my watch, I just ran.  When I started to wane, I just pulled back a bit.  When I felt stronger I surged.  I ran the entire two miles and in the end, for the first time ever I ran two miles in less than 30 minutes!!!!   My pace was a record low 13:38, where previous times were always over 14 minutes.  My legs were tired, but the lungs felt good and my heart rate stayed consistent.

Tomorrow I have a 3 mile run that I am going to run the entire length.  I just needed to push past the block and now all should be good.  I am eager to see what I am able to do with an additional mile added to the length of the run.  Til next time.



  1. Good news man. Good times.

  2. Well done.

  3. Nice job and way to keep pushing through it – definitely something I’m trying to work on as well as my mind somehow always says stop before my legs and body are ready (and all to often I listen).

  4. Great job man! Keep shaving time!

  5. […] achieved close to a thirteen minute per mile pace and finished two miles in under thirty minutes (read about it here), a personal best!  I was stoked to get out and run on a slightly inclined flat path and to run a […]

  6. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Way to go Chatter, great work!!

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