All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go!

12715134981888101748christi-17a-mdI have not mentioned it yet, but in a few short months I am planning to move to the ‘way out there land’ beyond the Atlanta suburbs.  There are numerous reasons for the move, but the best is the rural uncongested roads that I like to ride my bike and the peaceful rural-ness of the place.  Right out front of my future drive way, cyclists go whizzing by every  weekend of warm dry weather.  My future residence is owned by my wife’s aunt and was her grandfather’s home.  The last several weekends we have gone up to the house to help clean and get it ready for us to move shortly.  During these weekend visits I often have gotten multi-hour bike rides and even multi-day bike rides.  Yesterday, an opportunity presented itself for me to go up there and get a few solid riding hours after work.  Unfortunately my front tube/tire had other plans.

The plan involved going to work early and getting off early so I could get some solid extra riding time.  All day I thought of how many miles and where I wanted to go.  As I left work I was brimming with eager enthusiasm.  As I got to the property I changed into my cycling attire and began a quick bike check to make sure everything was in proper order.  As I pulled the bike pump hose from the front tire the internal stem snapped and air came gushing out.  After fifteen minutes trying to pry the tire off the rim I had to call it quits. I was loosing daylight fast, of course it did not help that my tire puller was missing.

To make the best out of the remaining daylight I decided I would at least get a run completed. Fortunately I always carry a full kit of possible clothing for any and all occasions as I did not want to go running in my cycling shorts as the pad is way too thick.  While it was not a long ride, I managed to get in a couple of miles of running on the wide open rural roads.    I need to figure how to get my running back on track as my pace is too high and I find I am wearing myself out too soon.  But that is for another post. Til next time.



  1. I hate it when that happens.

    1. Yeah, luckily being a multisport athlete means I am usually carrying a change of running and swimming clothes as well as my cycling clothes.

  2. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Bummer about the tyre, but kudos on moving to the country. Even though where I live is considered one of the largest cities in the state, it is still pretty much a rural town and 15 mins on the bike in any direction sees me out no country roads, with a plethora of mtb trails or roadie loops to choose from. Once you move in, you wont know yourself. Re your running, do you use RPE method or HR method? I’m reading Joe Friel’s book on Heart Rate training at the moment and it is superb, you might want to check it out. – Simone

    1. Right now I am just running, trying to get my pace back to normal. I will definately check out the read, I am a huge Friel fan!!! Thanks Simone.

  3. Are you wearing those full bike lycra tights or tri tights when you bike? I usually use those minimally padded one like from 2XU as they help on the padded side and I can transition to run right after without losing the comfort.

    It’s pretty decent.

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