Tour De Cure Phase Week 1 In Review

I am a little late in getting last weeks training wrap up completed, but the house I will be moving into, the one I currently spend my weekends, did not have internet or cell service.  Thus I was able to get two days of solid bike rides, but alas delayed on my posting.  Last week was my first week back to regular training since my taper and recovery week.  Based on my performance during the recovery week I was afraid I had gotten too  laid back.  Like a clock, I found my system pushed right along and picked up training without much of a problem.  Granted, I was so for the first time in months, but I figure this is due to higher intensity and the period of recuperation during my lighter recovery and taper weeks.  This phase has two integral components to measure and dissect: training and nutrition.

WeeklyTotalsTraining wise I was a bit sore, but overall it was a good week.  I wanted to get three runs but only managed two good quality runs for the week.  I was able to get two spin sessions and two bike rides in, topping my cycling mileage (recapped here).  I have focused my swim less on distance this week,instead aiming for work on the mechanics involved.  Additionally I managed to get a strength session in as well.  Training wise, not a bad week.  I would have preferred more running sessions, but the bike is what its all about right now as my next event will be the Tour De Cure Atlanta (Donate Here).

My bigger goal involved reigning in my fitness.  This post generated allot of good conversation and I pushed full steam ahead with my goal to eat better foods and try to eat enough calories and begin the process of slimming down.  The earlier part o the week I did pretty good, but the weekend I fell apart a bit and the weight went up slightly.  Not sure if its salt or the lack of calories yet.  All I know currently is that I need to stay the course for a bit longer and then assess the effectiveness of my current nutrition regime.

WeightLossAs I have mentioned previously I am using BMR and an activity calculation to generate a healthy number of consumable calories per day.  The trick is to eat enough calories and not too many at the same time.  The current weight jump could be a side effect of too few calories and my body getting stingy with the fuel it has.  It is truly the hard part of trying to lose weight and train at the same time, you need fewer calories to loose it, but not too few to give your body enough fuel.

Current Goal numbers:

Maintenance: 4047

Fat Loss:  3238

Extreme Fat Loss: 2428

Calories consume (estimated) for the week.

Calories consume (estimated) for the week.

So I need to eat around 3200 calories to fuel my activity and probably more on really active days.  This Sunday I do not feel I got enough calories and probably too much sodium.  Its too early to make an assessment, so I have to stick with it a bit longer and then modify and adjust.  At least I tracked my estimated calories for the entire week, even though it did get a bit difficult with some dinner items.

Not a bad first week back from recovery and race week.  I think I am on the right path with both my training and my nutrition right now.  I do not have another triathlon til the end of June, but it will have a hard 5k run and an 18 mile bike.  The next big event should be my century ride for diabetes.  With the nice weather I am enjoying getting out to ride more often and feel I am becoming a more proficient rider.  Til next time.



  1. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Nice work Chatter, consistency is definitely the key to weight loss! You are doing a great job, stick with it. – Simone

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