Getting Back To Work: Mixed Emotions

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I am not going to focus too long on yesterdays sad events as I think it serves little good to do so, except to wish everyone suffering the best.  I have debated and mulled over when it is appropriate to continue my focus on this blog in light of those events. I have decided its time to move on and to focus on what I have control over my training.  I have very mixed feelings about the events and I know it hits home a bit more as I relate to everyone there to watch and partake as I feel I am a part of that running/sport community.  While I know nobody directly that was in the race, I still feel angered and saddened by the events, more than many other previous events.

Route and split times.

Route and split times.

This morning I decided I needed to get back to work.  I had a 2.5 mile run on the program and so that is what I did.  My first mile felt great and I pulled a record low pace around 13 minutes.  I paid for this speed with the second mile as I found I frequently resorted to walking.  I felt good and strong on this run and I actually had fun running this morning.  Is was great running without worrying about pace, even though I still watched it.  One thing that has helped my speed a bit came from deciding I needed to focus on pushing off the back foot a bit more and opening my stride.  Granted I am still gliding and not getting my feet very far off the ground, sticking to high cadence.  This feels more natural and I feel that I am getting an extra bounce at the end of my leg motion as I push a bit with my toes as my leg rises.

Tonight its back to the spin bike for an hour or two.  This morning’s run was just what I needed, a simple fun run to just put one foot down in front of the other and really just focus on the joy of running.  This morning I ran my 2.4 miles for Boston and everyone effected.  There is little more I can do, except run. Til next time.


  1. Thank you for the Pingback 🙂

  2. That’s a great way to put the emotions. Well said.

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