5 Weeks To Tour De Cure Ride – Week 5 And Counting Goals

Click to donate  to  raise money for diabetes.

Click to donate to raise money for diabetes.

Earlier today I wrote up a summary of last weeks recovery week (here).  Overall I had a good recovery week even though I feel like I slowed way down.  I will have to see if that carries over into this week.  This next phase will focus on preparing for my Tour De Cure ride for the American Diabetes Association cycling ride.  I have gotten half way to my goal and with a month away I think I should be able to still raise the second half of the money I wanted to raise.  If you have not donated yet please consider as its a great cause and if anything else is a tax write off ( http://main.diabetes.org/goto/avanwierenATL) or make a jewelry purchase here and use the coupon code ‘Aaron15’ , to have 15% of the purchase donated to my tour page.   Even if you do not donate I appreciate any mention or shout out you can pass along.  As a diabetic I can attest things are not always easy or as easy.

The next phase will be a bit longer than the normal three weeks of work with a recovery week following and will be focused on riding further and longer as well preparing for the triathlon I am doing in the end of June.  Once again, like last week diet will be a huge focus of this week combined with increasing training time.  Lets go!

5 weeks and Counting Goals

  • 3 Run workouts.  I just want to run this week and get back to that happy running place.  Time to have some fun.
  • 2 or more swims with one distance and at least one of them skills and stroke work.
  • 2 spin sessions – one focused on intervals and short intensive work while the other needs to be long zone 3 and 2 intensive workouts.
  • 1 Long bike ride.  Would like to get 19-30 miles based on how legs feel.
  • 2 strength sessions.  Need to get t 2 quick strength sessions in and use it to support my muscles and endurance activities.
  • 1 pilates session.  Always include this and rarely miss it!
  • List all food for the week and attempt to stay in reasonable fat burning zones

That is it, really simple get my but moving and in gear again as recovery is over and it is time to get back to work.  I am eager to keep working towards riding in the Tour De Cure Atlanta and raising money as this is often the crazy time when there is only a month to go and people start donating more.  I have to continue to add miles and mental toughness so I can ride the 100 mile distance.  It will be challenging, but if one of my favorite female bloggers can do it with a metal heavy single gear bike, then I can do it with my piece of aluminum wonder.  Should be a fun couple of weeks and allot more time riding as the days get longer.  The longer century ride training should help me out with my next triathlon which has a nineteen mile bike and later an olympic race I plan to do. Gonna be a fun summer.  Til next time.




  1. Hey Aaron, thanks for the likes for my Boston Marathon’s Bombing post, it means alot to me .. cause it shows we care.

  2. You’re gonna do great! (And awww, thanks! Though my bike does have gears.;)

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  4. […] 5 Weeks To Tour De Cure Ride – Week 5 And Counting Goals (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  5. […] 5 Weeks To Tour De Cure Ride – Week 5 And Counting Goals (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  6. […] 5 Weeks To Tour De Cure Ride – Week 5 And Counting Goals (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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