Race Recovery Week Goals

While I would love to sit on my behind and admire the accomplishment I achieved this weekend (read about it here and here), I know I am nothing without goals and there is more work to be done.  I got to this point by setting goals, so I will continue with setting my goals.  Next on the list for me is the Tour De Cure Atlanta, a cycling event sponsored by the American Diabetes Association.  I am currently way short of my ambitions to raise money for this event, but with five weeks to go I know I can reach my goals and make my first drive a success (Click Here to Make a Donation).  If you have already donated I just want to thank you as this is a great cause, one of which I personally suffer from, diabetes.  I also want to heavily thank the ‘All Season Cyclist‘ for the generous donation and shout out on his site. It was very generous and kind and really touched my heart (details here).

Help me to fight diabetes today.

Help me to fight diabetes today. Click image to donate now!!!

Also, a friend of mine who has a store on etsy, that makes some wonderful custom Jewelry has agreed to help raise money by donating 15% of all purchases to my Tour De Cure fundraising by using the coupon code ‘Aaron5k’.  So if you know anybody who needs something or you just want to get something for yourself, pass it around: http://www.etsy.com/listing/115398558/freshwater-pearl-solitaire-necklace or http://www.etsy.com/shop/IntermezzoDesigns.  Click around here online store and I am sure you will find something you like and help me raise money for the Tour De Cure!  Its a great deal!!!

While I work to meet my fundraising goal, I guess I need to still ride in the event and start working on my next triathlon which will be at the end of June.  Now that I have a triathlon under my belt I see some definite room for improvement.  So here are my immediate goals for this week.  I will get the next 5 week goals and schedule up shortly, just need some immediate goals for right now.  Tomorrow or some time I will put together a 4 week to Tour De Cure goal and a Next Triathlon goals.

Recovery Week Goals:

  • Get overall goals together for next 4 week sprint to the Tour De Cure.
  • Get overall goals together for next triathlon push and training.
  • 1 Run – easy and no stress, just run.
  • Pilates
  • Strength session.  Would like to get this going again, I put it on the back burner as my first triathlon date got closer.
  • 1 Swim session, slow and easy strokes, no stress.
  • 1 Bike session.  I am gearing up for a century so the goal is to go and just ride on Saturday and just have fun regardless of distance.
  • I look terrible in my singlet and still have too much weight.  Need to focus on eating smart and getting my weight down again.  Focus is on getting further down before next triathlon.

That”s it. Really simple this week.  Raise money and awareness for the Tour De Cure and get started with my training and eating plan again.  This week is a recovery week and the focus is just on keeping moving and aiming at my next set of goals.  This week will be simple, light work outs and not very stressful.  Next week I will start to up the intensity to help prepare for the next triathlon and the century riding event.  Til next time.




  1. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Great goals Chatter. Good luck with the fund raising.

  2. Way to keep at it and with our first one out of the way we can set some major new goals for the year. I myself know I can now do more than I thought possible coming into the year.

  3. […] I stated at the beginning of last weeks goals, my primary focus was on recovery(here).  I set two base goals, one to plan and organize my training from the end of this recovery week […]

  4. […] Race Recovery Week Goals (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  5. […] Race Recovery Week Goals (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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