Most Unproductive Work Day Ever!!!!

64529_451652888239475_247740923_nThe work day is almost over and while I have been productive, it has been the hardest day to give anything but my race my focus.  Sitting in meeting, I found myself thinking through my swim to transition and bike to transition plans.  Often I find myself thinking back to when I started this venture and how much I have changed both mentally and physically.  For today, my work has suffered!!!  It is almost time to go to the University of Georgia and race in the Early Bird Triathlon!!!

To tell you the truth I do not care… I am less than two days away from achieving one of the biggest, most challenging goals I have ever set for myself and I have kicked some major ass to get here. Yes, its a sprint triathlon and not one of those behemoths, ironman.  But as I have said before, the level of effort to get to this point to an ironman effort of spirit and will to push myself to work longer and harder and to be exponentially better than myself.


All my triathlon stuff in a pile. Just waiting for the bag.

But enough boisterous noise, its time to pack up work and get ready for Sunday.  I am brimming with energy and feel like I am ready to burst.  Maybe I peaked too early, I wont know til Sunday rolls around.  All of my stuff has been piled and checked off the list, my new Ogio Endurance 9.0 bag came in today and I am ready to get packed and going.

365 lbs in 2011.

365 lbs in 2011.

Me a few weeks ago in my tri kit.

Me a few weeks ago in my tri kit.

One of the things I wanted to do this week was watch my food intake.  While training I have found I can relax some with my choices as I usually require so many calories, carbs and proteins, probably even more than some people as I am a large guy at the core and burn through some major calories when performing endurance activities.  As I was tapering and reducing my workout load I decided I needed to eat healthy this week and eat whole vegetables and fruits with lean sources of proteins and some carbs.  I was not perfect, but I did succeed in ratcheting my calories down based on the reduced activity level.  Often I weigh between 297- 305 depending on water, time of day, salt and a bunch of other factors.  On Monday I was at 305 in the morning.  Today, 295 in the morning.  I succeeded in not adding any weight for this race and appears I have actually lost a bit.  Hopefully this will make me faster!

Yeah, I caved in and bought one on sale!

Yeah, I caved in and bought one on sale!

My wife is back home tonight and we are getting ready to go to Athens tomorrow to reduce our drive from two hours to less than half an hour.  I am eager to go pick up my packet and attend the race brief.  While this is not a huge event and will have less than two hundred people, I only get one first sprint triathlon and I want to take it all in.  I want to enjoy the entirety of the situation and all of its nuance.

Thank you for everyone who has put up with my sporadic emotional ramblings this week, but it has been an emotionally up and down week, this is such a huge goal for me.  Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and thank you for being there and following along through good times and bad.  It has been an amazing adventure to this point.  After this weekend it will not be over, but I am focusing on the big goal completed by this weekend, my first triathlon for now.  Til next time.



  1. Have fun and enjoy it! I’m yet to work my way up to my “first sprint triathlon” although I have now done 4 teeny-tiny ones. 🙂 Just reading about your commitment to training and planning is encouraging for me.

  2. I’ve been here in Miami now for the past 2 days soaking up the environment and its been a lot of fun and extremely energizing to see people starting to show up! Hard to believe its now only hours away and I think you said it all “After this weekend it will not be over”. Although this is my number 1 priority as well I know this is only the start to a great season of triathlons, nutrition, and training…

  3. kruzmeister · · Reply

    You are a true inspiration Chatter. You look awesome and I am sure you will have an amazing race and experience. Like you say this is just the beginning but the first one is always special!

  4. Can’t wait to read about your experience! I’m cheering for you!!!

  5. I think about you every day, Chatter. I’m (almost) as excited for Sunday as you are! Very, VERY best of races tomorrow!

  6. Hope you have a great race today! Looking forward to reading about it! Cheering you on from cyberspace!

  7. Looking forward to hear all about the race. No matter the end result…you have succeeded! Congrats! Stay strong.

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