Are We There Yet?

images (1)Only a few more days til I finally get to test myself and my training in competition.  Only a few more days til I can call  my self a triathlete. A few more days and I will have executed and achieved a major milestone goal.   It is truly amazing how fast this week has flown by, I am so ready to race.   Bring on the Early Bird Triathlon, bring on Athens! This week has been a series of highs and lows in numerous ways.

The primary goal of this week has been to taper, cut down the exercise to simple, short aerobic level workouts.  On Tuesday I went to the Gym and I did a very short thirty minute light spin with little resistance and speed.  I threw in a few short twenty second intervals just to get my breathing and heart rate up a bit, but overall it was just gentle motion.

Last night I went to the pool to do a few laps.  I figured I would perform 400 meters at a moderate pace and maybe do some 50 meter drills.  When I finished  I hit stop on my watch.. 8:20.  I figured I forgot to count a lap, my previous best time was over 9 minutes, so I did a second 400 meter set, carefully counting every lap… 8:00!  Not sure how I dropped a full minute, but the distance was correct, I dropped an entire minute off my 400 meter swim time!

So far this week I have not done any running. Part of this is because I am so afraid of injuring myself on the run.  With running it is hard on the joints and its so easy to roll an ankle or pull something.  I hope not running til the race will work out and that the light spin sessions will provide ample in keeping the muscles from getting stiff.

One of the funniest things for me the last couple days is that I am doing everything in my power to not get injured.  I see lady mopping the floor I walk the long way around and avoid the area she is in totally.  I need to lift something heavy, the thing is staying right where its at.  Reaching for things, I go slow and methodical.  My goal right now is not to injure myself or put myself in the path of potential injury.

Besides feeling bored and restless, I got the bike checked up at my local bike shop last night. It got a clean bill of health and is ready for race day.  I will probably ride it around the hotel parking lot on Saturday just to give everything the once over.

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be forced to take an easy, very low intensity workout week I would have jumped at the opportunity to sit on the couch for the week and do nothing.  But now it is different, the level of inactivity is almost killing me.  I find myself hanging out at the gym just so I can talk to others who do triathlons or are training.  I really can’t stand the feeling of listlessness right now.  I feel like I am brimming over with energy at this point and it has to go somewhere.  There is and extra bounce in my step, a hop in my walk and I feel like everything in my head is going a thousand miles.  I am ready for this energy to have a place to go and I am ready to race and put it all on the course.  I am so ready to be active and not sit still.  I am ready to race my race and perform on race day.  Til next time.



  1. kruzmeister · · Reply

    You are going to do awesome Chatter. I cannot wait to read your race report! – Simone

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