The Countdown Is Starting: 1 Week To Go Goals!!!


I woke up this morning and for the first time it truly sunk in, by this time next week I will have finished my first triathlon, my major goal I have been working towards since last May.  I have been counting down the weeks and even the days, but it was that ‘6 days to go’ realization that really sunk in.  At this point I have done all the training and put in all the work to make race day a success, any additional new major training from now  til the race is basically junk.   Not to say some light weight basic training won’t be useful, but the days and hours of intensely pushing out miles and paces is over for now til the end of the race on Sunday.  What remains for this week is all preparation and less perspiration.  The end goal is to get to the start line and to be ready to run the best race possible.

The hardest part of this preparation is the unknowns and preparing for those unknowns.  I remember the first 5k race I entered and what it felt like on race day.  I had no clue what it would feel like to start the race, or run the race or even finish the race.  After I did a few, the unknowns were fewer and I found I currently have no qualms with running races as they are familiar, I know what to expect.  Triathlons are different.  I have ran all three components in the prescribed distances, I have practiced transitions and thought through my gear.  But I have no clue what will happen race day.  I have no clue what its like to run from the water into transition and onto the bike and… this part is what kills me.. the truly large set of unknowns.

images (1)As I get ready for race day I know I am doing everything possible to remove any unknowns that are controllable.  All gear has been tested and worn in brick workouts, all packing lists are together.  I have gone over maps of the course and practiced all aspects of the race.  At this point the only items left are the unknowns, the uncontrollables.   As I head to my race I will rely on everything I have done to get to this point and trust in my training and practice.  I have further weight loss goals to go, but I am in the best shape of my life and that will make a difference on race day.

1 Week To Go Goals: Hard To Believe Style

  • Taper,taper, taper – That is the mantra for this week.  All  workouts need to be for the sake of not getting complacent and should be light and easy.  Nothing new and no pushing.
  • Make a packing list and pack on Wednesday.   Check the list and packing again on Thursday and again on Friday.
  • Continue practicing transitions and thinking through transitions.
  • Cut back  on coffee and focus on water… water…water.
  • Food and nutrition – Be sure to continue to eat but cut back a bit as all exercise is lighter and fewer carbs are needed.  Try to eat good portions of fruit and vegetables as snacks and watch excessively greasy foods.
  • Relax – Need to spend a good deal of time in the steam room and hot tub just keeping loose and aiding recovery.
  • Stretch – Additional to the relax is performing stretches and frequent use of the foam roller.  The goal is to be loose and keep the muscles ready to go.
  • Rest – sleep as often as possible and try to get extra rest and relaxation.


Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Morning spin (light with low resistance) / Evening Pilates

Wednesday:  Quick 2 mile run.

Thursday: Morning swim

Friday:  15 minutes light spin to loosen the legs.

Saturday: Packet pickup and race briefing.  Follow the bike route in the car and look over the running route.

Sunday: RACE!!!

That is the plan for the week.  The schedule is loose, but the goal is to treat the week like a really light recovery week with lots of time stretching, foam rolling and sitting in the hot tub and sauna.  Diet will be a little tricky this week but the primary goal is hydration and good solid whole foods with a reduction in the garbage.  I am ready for this race but this week I need to just keep myself limber and ready to go.  I figure taking Saturday off would be a sound way to prepare and give myself that extra day of rest before the race.  I will be walking a bit so that will be helpful and stretch the legs a little.  Just days to go!!! Til next time.




  1. Whooo! It’s here and you are so ready to leave it all out there. Awesome!! Can’t wait to read about it!!

    1. Its getting closer. These last few days feel like momentous and long. I will enjoy the race and not think too hard, but this week is killing me.

  2. kruzmeister · · Reply

    You are going to do great Chatter! Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to perform on the day, just enjoy the experience it will be over before you know it. I also find it a good idea to cut back on fibre during taper week stick to simple carbs. -Simone

    1. Right now I have the most boring diet in the world. Instead of worrying about carb loading I am trying to focus on good solid whole foods that are pretty much boring and simple right now. I know on race day I will be ready and I will have a good time. things just feel nerve racking right now. Thanks for the support.

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  4. You are doing all the right things. Control what you can control and try not to dwell on what you cannot control. Focus on what you know, things like your food, clothes and how you will pace yourself. You can’t control the weather but you can be prepared for all possibilities.
    Be sure to look around, take it all in and enjoy yourself. You only do your first once. I did my first marathon 10 years ago and I still remember parts of it and not just the painful parts.
    If you want to buy that $200 jacket from this race – do it! You can’t go back and some items are only available for a short period. 20 years from now you will still love the shirt, jacket or whatever you splurge on.

    1. Good suggestion. I know its the same with my first 5k. I got a finishers medal for that and It reminds me how hard I had to work to get to that point.

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