Gotta Listen to The Body

images (9)A couple of days ago  I fished for taper week suggestions (here)  and I want to thank everyone for the great words of encouragement and suggestions.  One issue that has been nagging me a bit this week is the overall tiredness I am feeling.  My plan was to complete one more brick workout on Saturday before reducing the load and tapering.  The purpose of the Saturday brick was an actual ride on the bike followed by a run, as most of my bike/run bricks have been on the spin bike.  But, I realize after all the suggestions in the comments and the way I feel after my swim/spin  brick last night, my body is telling me it needs some down time.

I have been following this training regiment now since the beginning of last October in 2012 and one of the things I believe that is a large key to my training success has been that I always listened to my body.  When my body yelled about being tired I backed off (I think its a skill to learn how to truly read and interpret what the body is saying as often, when untrained, the body likes to complain allot prematurely) and when it seemed like it could go further or longer I pushed.  This has served me well and kept me mostly injury free(ok there were a few exceptions that were caused by inexperience and environmental factors).  I realize as I completed last nights brick with one remaining for Saturday, my body needs some serious down time,  I need to back off now so I will be ready next Sunday.

images (3)Beyond three weeks ago I focused on volume building. Often my three week hard and one week training sessions vaulted the intensity no higher than a five or six out of ten.  For the last three weeks I moved into a higher intensity compounded exercise phase that is an eight at least on that same intensity scale.  The brick weeks were necessary and truly vaulted me to the next level.  By performing the compounded exercises my body learned to adapt to the awkwardness of transitioning activities.  Additionally I grew mentally with each exercise and learned pacing that would work through out.  The first couple of brick sessions were tough and I was super sore afterwards.  After three weeks of these sessions, my recovery is increased and I can go longer and do more.  But I have grown weary and tired. I noticed my run performance has slowed down and my spin workouts have grown harder while doing the same activities.

So I am nixing my last brick for the week and getting some rest and recovery.  I will probably work on transitions and walking my bike around this weekend to still make it worthwhile.  Next week I will start taper and perform some really light activity Monday through Thursday, a quick no stress jog or a low pressure spin session or some simple one hundred repeats in the pool.  I am still up in the air about next weeks plan, but I am working on it and I know it will involve a little bit of baby-step workouts and lots of water and rest.  Only 9 days left and the anticipation is seeping in! Til next time.



  1. Hard to believe it’s coming up so fast, right? Best of luck and enjoy your recovery – it’ll be worth it when you rock it next weekend 🙂

  2. Don’t forget some light stretching….

  3. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Enjoy your recovery and taper Chatter. You are going to do awesome on race day!!

  4. I did my last brick today before the first race of the season and your post is great advice. On my run portion I could feel a little more stress in my left leg than usual and instead of pushing through it and possibly making things worse I decided to slow it down and eventually walked the rest of the way in! Listening is sometimes the best thing you can do and its just as important deciding when that right time is. 6 days and couting!

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  6. […] Gotta Listen to The Body ( […]

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