Starry Night Brick

starsI am now down to seventeen more days til I perform in my first triathlon and I am ready… er so I think.  I have stuck to my training plan and I am working my way through a second week of brick workouts.  This week I only have one bike/run brick in the mix. Last night was a bike/run brick turned into a trifecta once again, meaning I went ahead and added a few meters of swimming to finish off the brick.

One goal I had, besides getting myself adapted to the stresses of biking and then running, I wanted to push the run a bit more this time.  Previously I had performed my run at a distance of 2.6 miles or so, but never the entire 5k distance.  Knowing this was a major goal of this brick, I figured out ahead of time where and  how far I needed to go to get the required distance. I largely had to do it this way because my watch is not too kind to the idea of starting indoors and finishing outdoors.  Of course I did the distance I planned and even achieved a decent time for dead legs from the spin, 44:50.  I probably could have gone faster but my ankle was playing gimp and my the cold was effecting my breathing.  In the end I was happy to finish off the distance in under 45 minutes.  The cool thing about running at this time of night was the fact it was dark except for the sliver of light from the moon, so you could see all the stars while running. It was really cool.

Starry Night Trifecta Brick by the Numbers:

  1. Spin: 1:09:17
  2. Transition 1 (Locker Transition area): 00:02:36
  3. Run: 00:44:50 (3.2 miles)
  4. Transition 3: 00:03:27
  5. Swim: 00:09:40 (Includes quick shower to appease other pool goers)
  6. Total: 02:10:10

Of course I finished this brick with a swim at the end.  I really am digging the effects of getting in one complete triathlon distance package per week, although its out of order a bit.  I will probably y toss at least one these in next week, my last week of bricks before the pre-race taper.  One difference I notice today is that I do not feel as sore as I did after my trifecta brick last week.  I guess my body is adapting to the stresses of bricks, so maybe they are working.  I now need to find a place to get a deep tissue massage and get that done next week some time.   I also still need to try the quick laces in the shoes and get the race belt I have heard is an excellent investment.  I might look at some local places for this one as my waist is still larger than usual.  Things are coming together nicely as I still have one more brick this week and three more next week before race time preparation. Starting to get really excited. Til next time.




  1. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Congrats Chatter that is an awesome effort! You will totally smoke your triathlon, just trust in the training you have done and above all enjoy it! Good luck with the rest of you lead in and taper! – Simone

    1. Thank you Simone, your story has been encouraging as well. I will enjoy this, but I am eager to do it and experience it and then get ready for the next couple. Thanks!!!!

  2. Congrats! You. Are. Ready!

    Okay, let me know what quicklaces you get. The pair I used during my first triathlon I actually hated. . . I’ve not used them since. Good luck, my bricks start this coming week (I missed one last week–I technically did it, but walked instead of ran I suppose).

    1. Will do, I have not figured out which yet, might try a few different ones. Walking is fine, as long as you finish, right.

      1. Exactly! Like BgDdyJm says, just make sure when you cross that line you have nothing else to give 🙂

  3. Amazing to think that just a year ago finishing a triathlon would have been a cruel and humorous joke. Now its going to be a reality in just a few short days! How awesome…

    I don’t know about you but I’m already looking forward to a full season of triathlons and am dying to get the first one underway.

    1. It is crazy that a year ago I would never have dreamed about being posed to do a triathlon, let alone a season!
      I am eager to get the first one over with so I can mark it a as done and move on and prepare for the rest of the season. Don’t get me wrong, I am eager and excited, but I want to actually experience it first hand. Excitement then is not even the right word for it, lets do this!!!

  4. Great work!! You are making such progress. My only suggestion – your word for the tri – perform. You will be RACING your first tri! With all of the time, training, trials, and sweat you are putting in, you are racing! Your competition is you, being the best you!

    1. Thanks, I love it!

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