Gear That I Want!!!

71Li7IdLoCL._SL1001_If you ask any athlete, triathlete and/or cyclist about dream gear, I am sure they would all have a quick and sure answer regarding the top of their list.  I have tried to keep my cycling and triathlon gear spending minimal but functional as I have plowed into this sport.  Regardless of what I can  and cannot afford, I have a few pieces of gear that are high on the list.  Some of these items were added as needed but I could find cheaper options while others were just plain cool.

t133_x2_4d57a370ed319459ae25e426f28611b3_260197_215444One of these want but could find cheaper options is Ogio’s  Endurance line of triathlon bags.  I am a bag fanatic and have amassed a collection of bags for various occasions.  I discovered these bags when I began looking for a gym bag that would work for containing multiple activity items at once.  Of course a triathlon bag worked wonderfully, but I could not afford the beauty that caught my eye; the Ogio Endurance 8.0 and 9.0.  Reviews of this bag have lauded its usage of space and its dedication to providing places to put all the myriad of triathlon gear.  Historically Ogio’s golf bags are legendary for the quality of the workmanship.  The downside of this bag is the cost. The 9.0 hovered above 160$ and the 8.0 140$.  Not bad prices for well proportioned bag, but too much for the wife to accept with all the other triathlon and cycling expenses.  Of course this want is based on several good reviews I have read, as I have not had a chance to see one in person yet, I just know it looks really cool and I would love to have one.  Of course I could not afford the price tag so I got the Louis Garneau triathlon bag, which has worked awesomely so far.

I am thinking now about pulling the plug and getting this bag as a little present to myself before my first race. If anything it will make an awesome gym bag.  Of course right now the prices have lowered at least temporarily, so it might be a good time to grab one. Hmmmm…… Til next time.


  1. I want a triathlon bag so badly I can feel it. . . thanks for the tips on these. I do not like the ones I’ve seen. Ogio is SO expensive. . .

    1. Yes they are, but with 20 bucks knocked off I am considering it.

  2. FYI: Backpacks are best–because most of the time you have to bike in to the transition spots. At least we do here. . . .

  3. I agree, my LG bag will work, just seems to be shy a little bit of room.

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  5. […] Gear That I Want!!! ( […]

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