First Brick Week 3 Left To Go

images (1)Last night I performed my first brick of the week, a simple bike/spin and swim brick.  This workout for me usually feels less exhausting than the bike and run brick, but I made sure to crank the intensity up to eleven.  As I had done previously, I opted to perform the swim component last, just so I could jump in and swim with my tri suit on.  I am getting used to wearing it and performing athletics in it each time I exercise.

I ended up on the spin bike for nearly an hour.  During that hour I forced myself to ride with allot of resistance and some mixed speed work. It was an intense session but good none the less.  I followed this up with a brief trip to the pool and a quick wash down, all under thee minutes and then into the pool.  I first did 400 meters snaking swim, finishing this in 8:58 minutes.  I then followed that with some 100 meters swims finishing those in 2:04 and lastly I did a final 400 meter swim to finish the night off with a thousand meters of swimming.

When I realize how tired I feel this is the image that pops up in my head.  From Josef Minsky 'Oh God How Tired I Am'.

When I realize how tired I feel this is the image that pops up in my head. From Josef Minsky ‘Oh God How Tired I Am’.

I feel a little sore today and hungry.  I figure last nights workout was close to a seven or eight on the intensity scale.  Pretty much right where I want it.  I have today off, then Pilates tomorrow morning and a spin/bike session tomorrow night. I might turn this one into a trifecta again, as that is great practice and raises the intensity to another level.  So far this brick workout focus is going as planned and I feel like I am hitting a good mixture of intensity and rest.  I need to get a few more things, such as a number belt and some fancy no tie shoe laces. I need to start trying them for running and see how they feel.  Well, off to do nothing for the day, happy yesterday’s brick went so well and eager to start tomorrow’s workout.  Til next time.

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  1. Getting a number belt was one of the best investments I made between my first and second triathlon. I remember my first race (without a belt) I had my number pinned to my shirt waiting for me when I came out of the swim. I was wet and tired and tried to pull my shirt over my head, and the pins got tangled and caught. What a mess. My transition time was over five minutes getting the number off, pulling the shirt on, and then pinning the number back on. And so stressful! Race belt is a worthwhile (and inexpensive) investment!!!

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