Jacksonville Run

jacksonvillerun2Not sure I want to call this a run, but it is what it is.  This weekend a good friend of mine was getting married in Jacksonville Florida, so the third weekly brick was replaced with a Saturday, pre-wedding jog.  I intended this jog as a way to get out and maybe work some of the travel out of my legs. As well I wanted to work out some of the stiffness from Thursday nights trifecta brick (here).

Elevation profile, not as bad as it looks.

Elevation profile, not as bad as it looks.

Friday my legs were the sorest they had been in months.  The brick the evening before had taken its toll, as was intended.  I realized Friday morning and through out the day, sitting in a car for six or more hours with very sore legs probably was not going to be easy. Every few hours we stopped to walk around and stretch, as I stepped out of the car I almost fell as my legs felt sluggish and like lead weights. Often I tried to stretch and loosen them up, but always had the same rude awakening after a stop.

DSCF1667Saturday I put on my run clothes and headed out for a quick jog. I figured an easy no stress jog would possibly help the sore legs and if anything  give me a final workout for the week.  Unfortunately my legs did not agree with this plan and I found I had to walk more than run. It was still fun running in a new location and it was hot with a slight breeze so it was enjoyable.  I finished roughly two miles of mostly walking and occasional running in the end.  I did not notice the neighborhood was themed after Gone With The Wind until I passed Atlanta, Tara, Rhet and Scarlet streets.  It was sorta cool, but disturbing as I currently live in Atlanta.  The sidewalks here were often narrow and old, not having been taken care of in a while. In the end, I did my mostly walking with some running and got the workout done  and over in time to prepare for the wedding .

DSCF1668As I mentioned, I had not felt soreness like this in months.  My goal was to push the intensity and I know I had done that.  Unfortunately the run did little to alleviate soreness and the rest of the evening, through the wedding, my legs complained and often left me ambling about like and old man all night. I am sure a bit of alcohol further did not help this image (I actually did not drink that much, just using some license!).

So today we packed up and drove back to Georgia and our home. Fortunately my legs are feeling better today and the drive back was not nearly as bad. I did find I was having to get up and move around more frequently than I used to as my leg muscles would get really tight and stiffen up.  So things are back to normal and I am eagerly looking forward to my bed tonight and the hot tub and roller in the morning.  I wanted to up my intensity this week and boy I did not dissapoint. Til next time.


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