Rainy Monday Brick

images (2)As I pointed out yesterday (here) my goal for this week relies on compounded exercise groupings or more commonly termed ‘brick’ work outs.  The goal here is to focus on exploring the effects of performing these compounded sets to adjust and to adapt to their unique stresses, as well as building up a level of endurance needed to perform an extended racing activity. Granted a sprint is only an hour or two long, but its three separate disciplines all requiring different muscles to work in different ways one after the other.  My planned strategy to this is to perform each activity for roughly an hour and immediately follow it with another activity.

My Monday plan involved spinning for an hour and then running for an hour.  I figured I should try to get used to my tri suite components so I figured I would wear the entire kit for this session just to see if it would work.   By work I mean not strangle me.  As I mentioned previously (here) the bottoms were a bit big so I am ordering a smaller size and keeping the current pair for training.  But the top was another story. It is tight, but not unbreathable tight.  The biggest issue I have is this is why most people argue that people with fat should not wear skin tight clothing.  Yes, I have lost quite a bit of weight.  This top does nothing for my confidence as it hugs the remaining roundness I have in my belly, which is still enough to look horrible in skin tight clothing.  But I wanted to see how it worked and felt in practicality so I figured I would bear the real/imagined stares in the gym.

Due to rain, Monday night’s plan got turned on its head.  Because of the rain, traffic was terrible and I did not get t the gym til close to 7:30.  The plan was to get there close to my usual time around 6:15-6:30 which would give me time to squeeze a bike run in.  Also it was raining and at this point, I did not desire to run in the rain.  I figured I would do a bike/swim brick since my tri clothes were the only things I brought.  Unfortunately my goggles laid in a pile at home so I figured I would try to struggle through swimming without ear plugs or goggles.

wpid-20130309_200443.jpgUpon putting on the pants I knew I definitely needed to order a smaller size.  To get the pad in the right place I had to pull them up to my ribs.  The top of course, felt skin tight and a little short. Oddly enough, while on the spin bike it never rode up and if it did, I had on high waist shorts.  The funny thing I found though was that as I added volumes of sweat to the shirt, it got tighter as it got wetter till my belly’s remaining roundness was fully outlined and detailed.  I have overcome numerous other insecurities while on this adventure, but this was the first time in a long time I felt insecure in  the gym in any type of sport clothing.

To make matters worse, after my first hour on the bike I hopped off to refill the water bottle, I ran into our gyms Mr. Iron Man.  I mean this guy is in his 5os and has completed numerous iron events over the years.  My heaviest workout would be his simplest and easiest workout. I said hi and pushed on. I don’t know why, but I felt awkward being in the gym, practicing in my kit at that moment. Maybe its because I have not yet completed a triathlon and in light of this guy I felt or felt like I looked like I was playing at triathlon.  Also, my remaining fat(I still have quite a bit) was super noticeable.

Heart rate for Monday's brick spin.

Heart rate for Monday’s brick spin.

I went back and had a pretty good spin session. I pretty much spent the first hour in heart rate zone three and the last part of my spin in heart rate zone two.  Upon completion I went to my locker, removed my shoes and took a quick shower before hopping into the pool.  Since I did not have goggles I figured I would try to see how wearing the top felt in the water.  In some ways it felt a little bit like having a shirt on while swimming, in other ways it had little to no drag.  Even without goggles I clumsily eeked out a couple of laps and found without a swim suite on I was easily shaving off 3-8 seconds off my times.  The shorts and top actually felt pretty comfortable in the water.

Overall, not a bad session.  A little bit of moving things around at the last minute but it was still a decent first brick workout.  I think clothing wise the top and bottoms, of course in a smaller size, will do the trick.  I will have to adjust  my thinking regarding my clothing insecurities while wearing skin tight clothing in public.  It just is not flattering and really hard to adjust to.  While I no longer wear a 3x, but a 2x, skin tight is still not a pretty sight when I wear it.  I will have to get over it.  Not sure how many other sessions I will try with the top as I now know how it feels when riding and swimming and it will work fine.  First brick in the books, now a day of rest then my bike/run brick tomorrow.  Til next time.


  1. You know I struggle with being a plus sized athlete, too, so I empathize – it’s no fun. I just try to focus on the strength and fitness I’m gaining, and the fact that if I continue on this path, eventually I WILL look okay in that kind of apparel. Hang in there, my friend!

    1. We thin, svelte athletes have more respect for you thicker folks being out there… We know how you feel and we’re so very glad that you show up and put in the effort. You’re really only worrying about the minority – the jerks.

    2. You are looking great. Yeah I know, its a long process and might always bree a little hard.

  2. You’re missing the number one rule with skin tight clothing… If you wear it, for an intended sport, in the indented manner, you GET points for being out there. You only get knocked down for wearing the tri suit to the grocery store and such. Chin up Chatter. I’m proud of you. 😉

    1. Thanks bgdaddy, it would look really off going grocery shopping in my tri suite! Grin. Love the imagery.

  3. Who cares what others think…you just have to stay focused. I grabbed the wrong pair of pants the other day…too small..had a choice to wear them and pull the shirt down or go home. No one even paid attention or noticed. Yeah, probaly using stupid mirrors..right? Oh well. Stay strong and stop comparing. You’re doing great!

    1. I hate the large volume of mirrors at my gym. I can see my fat but from all sides, everywhere! Thanks Sheila.

  4. Mr. Ironman wasn’t born with all of the triathlon knowledge and experience. He like all of us, started as a novice and had to try out things to make sure they worked. I love seeing people in tri gear because then I know they are training for something special and unique, no matter the distance. Keep up the great work!

    1. Mr iron man is actually a nice guy. Mentally I was transferring my insecurities.

  5. Be kind to yourself Chatter…you’re doing fine. You’re getting ready to ACHIEVE something few people even CONSIDER doing.

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  7. […] Rainy Monday Brick (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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