Brick Week 1 of 3 Goals

images (2)As I mentioned previously, I intended another ‘Intensity week’ workout set, but my gym changed those plans for me.  Instead of adding the head ache of trying to work around the gym closure I figured I would give myself an extra week of brick work, making it three brick weeks instead of two.  Additionally I have the added challenge of this week having to go to an out of state wedding, so this week should be allot of fun trying to meet my goals.

My plan for brick weeks is three brick sessions per week, with lots of rest in between.  The last time I did a brick workout I took the following day off and I was so glad I did, it pretty much wiped me out.  So my plan is to do three of them, alternating swim/bike and bike/run with at least a day off in between.  I hope to further acclimate my body to pairing different muscular activities together to simulate race conditions a bit. Additionally this serves as a great time to try some thing out, like nutrition and putting socks on wet feet(I know there is large debate on going sockless or not, but socks make me comfortable so they stay this round).  I have been experimenting with Gels, solid food and sports drinks in an attempt to provide the most energy and to power me through my activities.  I think gel usage and nutrition is a very individualistic concern, that differs based on different athletes digestive systems.  So I am figuring what works for me regardless of what popular opinion says. Heck, if the effects are psychosomatic, at least it has the benefits of letting me think they work.

Weekly Goals: Going to a Wedding Style

  • 3 Bricks this week
  • Monday: Bike/Run
  • Wednesday: Swim/Bike
  • Saturday: 5k in Jacksonville for wedding
  • Aim to not drink too much beer at wedding and try to keep diet tight as the weeks are getting fewer and race is coming soon.
  • Try to get lots of stretching and roller work in
  • find a pilates class to attend since normal one is closed with gym closing.

Should be interesting to condense my workouts to three a week, as I am used to 6 days a week of workouts.  I feel the harder work load followed by extra recovery will work well in the long run.  After the wedding this week, in the next brick phase I will start to seriously practice transitions.  Its one of the areas I can have some control and while I don’t expect to have perfect transitions, I think I can at least prepare for them and practice a bit.  I am thinking spraying myself down with water then running to a setup area and putting on bike gear, hopping on my bike for a lap down the cul-de-sac and back then transition to running and do a lap down the cul-de-sac. Not real distances, but practice to help make me efficient at each phase of transition.  I will have a six hour ride to Jacksonville to think on this one a bit further(I leave on Friday).  Suggestions?

Til next time.



  1. I like where you’re going with this. Typically we do one brick a week and it’s usually a short/light run following a long bike. I think it’s probably important to trust the strength you’re building for each individual sport, but to get used to the feeling of transitioning without going overboard. I have also come to love my Yankz when slipping into my shoes after a bike. Have a great week!

    1. I need to put some fancy shoe strings in and start playing with them. The brick I have planned for tonight though will use the same pair of shoes as I go from spin bike to running. Next week I will get full shoe change experience!!

  2. For your first tri my recommendation is to forget about transitions. Who cares when your goal is to finish. If you need an extra minute or two then take it and save the worry and effort to the bike or run. The only item I’d practice is not forgetting where you placed your bike.

    1. LOL! I have heard horror stories about not being able to find your mat spot during an event. One thing I worry a little is that there is a strict 2:15 minute cut off at this event. I want to finish and if I practice a little my transitions then at least I am a little prepared for what to expect a little. Of course that playing around comes after the serious training for the week.

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