Another Week In the Books

images (4)Since I finished base 5 I have been neglectful in defining my training phases. The last two week cycle really is not anything more than extending the base phases and making them a bit more intense.  The end of last week marked the conclusion of my two week intensity phase.

This week I actually managed to train for decent number of hours and I managed to push my boundaries a bit.  With my road cycle session yesterday (read here) I feel I am ready to tackle this triathlon.  On the bike I am still slow, but I felt strong when riding.  If I can keep the bike ride under an hour I should be ok for this triathlon.

The worrisome component for me currently is my run leg.  Lately I feel I have taken a step backwards in my running and I have not felt very solid in my workouts.  Maybe I will be able to overcome this when doing my brick workouts in the next couple of weeks.  I am not worried yet, but if it takes me an hour to ride 12 miles and it takes me an hour to run a 5k, that leaves 15 minutes for the swim and transitions.  A little worrying, but I am sure on race day it will be fine. I just have to keep pushing and striving to get better and to prepare as best as possible.  I can’t control all the factors of this race, but I can come to grips with the factors that I can control.

Last two weeks total numbers.

Last two weeks total numbers.

Current Year To Date Numbers leading into my first race!

Current Year To Date Numbers leading into my first race!

Numbers wise things don’t look too bad.  Allot of time on the spin bike and int he pool.  As I said my running needs some work, but I just got off of a sprained ankle and I am running a new course, so things are off a bit.  I think a few weeks of bricks will  help as the plan is to do compounded volume workouts.  Only 27 more days to the first triathlon and things are shaping up and looking good.  Getting excited while I still have some work to do.  Bring on the brick workouts!! Til next time.


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