The Long Road

30f7abe9f4b48e470d7d3e4f472a5d53As of the end of tonight I will have only 30 more days til I enter my first triathlon.  While I have other events planned, including a cycling century and more triathlons, this is the one that counts.  This is the one that the long road has led me down.  The others I am sure will be a big deal in their time, but this was the one that started everything for me, this is the event that marks a major milestone and a huge completion to a journey started last May, before the other objective were added.  Its this long road that I realize I have really pushed my self down and the journey has been wonderful and hard and miserable and everything in between.  Mind you, I am not counting this mission accomplished yet, but I am tired and I am ready to compete and do what I have trained for. I am ready to say done and celebrate and enjoy a major milestone completed.  I just have 30 more days of training and preparing to get through. 30 more days to get to the starting line. 30 more days to trust my training plan and finish what I started.  30 more days, a few more days of intense training then 3 weeks of bricks and a race taper… 30 more days.

Its amazing to realize that last May I set a simple goal to run a 5k from a time when 30 seconds was daunting and here I am with 3 races under my belt and working to steadily improve my time.  Its amazing how from that simple goal a bigger more daunting goal blossomed and bloomed, a dream to do a sprint triathlon.  That is the road I am looking down and for the first time I can see April 7h, 30 more days just ahead on the horizon.  But looking the other direction and realizing that I have now trained  over 130 hours since October is insane.  I endured through mental and physical hardships to make it to this point where I just have to follow through and keep pushing to the end.

In all honesty I am really tired.  I am not over trained mind you, I properly and carefully mixed in active recoveries.  I am just weary, its tiring doing two workouts a day, going from obese and out of breath just walking to the fridge to able to stack multiple workouts together.  Its been mentally tough at times as the physical exhaustion forces little challenges in life to feel mentally immense at times.  I have said it before, I know this is not an iron man I am training for, but with all I had to overcome, I feel I trained as hard as anyone out there preparing for an iron distance race (not to discount the amazing accomplishment).  I have done what I intended to do and will be ready to leave everything out on the race course in 30 more days… its just been a very long road and I will admit, I am tired.  I am eager too let the pressure I have placed on myself for this race to go away.  I am ready to enjoy my race and to begin preparation for the remainder of the season. Of course those races will be big deals, but by then I will have proven I can finish, that I have the endurance and fight to see this to the end.

30 more days and my race season will officially start.   30 more days til I am at the end of this road I started travelling last May and later more seriously October.  30 more days til I can call myself a triathlete. 30 more days til I start my season of triathlons… 30 more days to lay it all on the line… 30 more days…

Til next time…



  1. You don’t quite know tired yet my friend. I know where you’re at and you’ve come a hell of a long way, but I’ve gone a little further and I can attest to one thing – and I hope you never have to feel this… Tired is what you feel three weeks after April 7th – if you choose to quit. I’ve taken weeks off at a time just because I was feeling lazy through the winter. THAT’S tired. You are operating at a level of efficiency and energy that you cannot contemplate until it starts to slip away. Your mental attitude has improved in the same way. Same principle. I didn’t know what tired was until I slowed down.

    I hope you never have to find out what I’m talking about. Good luck.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I have no desire or want to quite, just felt a moment of overwhelming tiredness and felt like it would do good to get it out. I try to be open and honest on this blog and at times I look over my progress and I think, you know it seems like at times I am always so positive and together. I do hit breaking points and weaknesses. Yesterday afternoon was the hardest emotional moment I have had in a long while and it was just a weariness. I am still pushing on and I know it will all be worth while when I finish the first triathlon. Will it be the greatest feeling ever? I do not know, I will just have to wait and see.(when if finished my first 5k I felt joy but underwhelmed compared to what I put into getting there). Thanks for the words and sharing your journey my friend.

      1. We all go through what you are right now – and it gets even tougher the longer the distance. Sometimes it’s just one foot in front of the other. You will work through this though (that taper week will help).

        I’m not surprised you’re a little wiped out, just know that the feeling won’t last. Your tri will be a little anti-climactic I imagine – you’ve prepped a whole year for something that’s going to be over in an hour or two – that’s a lot of work for a little payoff (I felt that after my first Olympic length). Just give it everything you’ve got without blowing yourself out and that will help it feel sweeter when you’re done.

        That’s good that you can share what you’re going through

      2. Thank you, the encouragement really does help out. I am eager to start doing bricks with longer rests next week. I love doing them and the fact I have figured a day or two rest after each will help some (everything else is stretching). Its another day and for now I feel more enthused. This is the stuff they do not tell you about or you do not read about when people really start to talk about training and working towards a large goal. They talk about the joy and injuries, but rarely about the mental and emotional wear and tear it puts you through. Thanks for the great and entertaining posts to pepper my day with cheer.

  2. Good luck with the training! Love the post! Good job, keep up the good work. At any time feel free to check out my site and share some content you enjoy or get your daily dose of extra push.

  3. I am so excited for you (also happy and proud). I also feel great empathy as I am training for my first triathlon, too. I am sending you good vibes and will be there beside you in spirit, from beginning to end. You rock!

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