Change of Plans

imagesI found out this week that my morning and often evening gym is closing next week for renovations.  While I can go to another gym, it will add time to my commute and further complicate an already tight schedule.  My original plan was to do three weeks of intensity workouts to progress my abilities in each triathlon discipline.  Last week was the first and this week the second.  After completing  this phase the goal was to do two weeks of brick workouts and start focusing on transition skills, with race week and taper following.  The gym closure as well as an adjustment to adding commute time to my schedule has forced me to decide to change my planned workout routine.

I have decided to cut this current phase short  by a week and add in an extra week of brick training.  I am planning on performing only 3 brick workouts during each planned week with lots of rest in between.  Granted I will still mix in a morning of stretching and one of pilates, but the focus is on the bricks.  I plan to rotate between bike/run and swim/bike bricks as these mimic actual race order.  So on Monday evening I will do a spin/run brick and follow that on Thursday  with a swim/spin brick and on Saturday would be a spin/run brick, probably a little longer than the one I perform during the week.

Besides these standard bricks I need to start to preparing for transition items.  For instance, I like socks. I know many current triathletes shun the idea of socks, but I want them for my first event.  For biking I prefer thin socks, but for running I prefer thicker support socks.  I have found the Feetures elite socks are the best of both worlds.  I have also found though that putting socks on wet feet is difficult. So I plan on practicing a quick dry with a shamie and putting socks on in a hurry.  I will probably set myself up outside with a bucket of water I can put my feet into and wet my legs. Additionally I need to familiarize myself with the order of items and setup I plan to use during transition.  Not a big deal, but sub 5 minute transitions would be nice.

That is the plan.  Hopefully this will help my body to adapt to the stresses I want to put on it and give me some extra rest and recovery while I push my workouts.  With fewer workouts but more intensity I believe I will be ready to race but not as worn out as I am feeling now at the end of each week.  I think they will also help familiarize me with the feeling of going from one sport to the other, reducing the natural feeling of surprise.  The goal is to perform nothing new on race day, everything should have been anticipated and practiced. Granted things will probably happen that is out of my control, bu the goal is to properly prepare for everything possibly in my control.  Only 30 more days til my first triathlon, I am excited and eager. Til Next Time



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