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A quick out and back, it was blistering cold and I just wanted to test the ankle.

A quick out and back, it was blistering cold and I just wanted to test the ankle.

Monday was my first day back to running since I slightly tweeked my ankle two weeks ago and again last week.  I have been hesitant to put pressure on it from running so I figured Monday it was good enough to go around the block and possibly further.  Of course I now am running in a different location in the mornings so I am unfamiliar with the distances between points and differences in elevation.

Clip for details view.

Clip for details view.

Turns out Monday was not just cold… it was COLD!!!!  I mean bitter and freezing.  Luckily I was just going out for a mile or two just to see how the ankle and foot would hold up to some running pressure.  Of course everything was fine and my foot and ankle felt a little stiff but nothing terrible.  As I ran the mile it got looser and started to feel better.  So I guess the foot is back and now I just have to get over the fear of not injuring myself.

This fear is the hardest thing to deal with now that my first triathlon is only 32 more days away.  But I have to get some running in and I need to get my workouts in, I still have some time to get a few issues worked out. In the case of running, I need to rebuild a little bit of confidence and any possible physical issues I built up from the hiatus.  So its back to work.  I have another run appointment tonight and its at a familiar location so that should be good.  Til next time.



  1. That’s a far piece to run! Better you than me! Ha

  2. Glad you’re back to running! How does the ankle feel now, after the run? I hope still good. Are you doing any rehab or strengthening excercises for it?

    1. Its feeling good,a tad bit tender, but good. I have been trying to incorporate allot of stretching into my well aimed at loosening that ankle and making the muscle stretch longer. So far so good. Thanks. Hope your training is going well, sounds like it from what I can tell raging your posts.

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