End Of Week 1 of 3 Week Intensity Phase

imagesI still am not sure what I want to call this phase of how I really want to think of it.  The idea is that I have three weeks to get any hard pushes done before starting a few weeks of focused bricks.  Unfortunately the sprained ankle I had previously injured  reared its head again, as I re-injured it a bit on a puddle of water in the building at work.  On top of limited ability for the week, I continued to adapt the schedule as I juggled my workouts, work and commute.  Overall it was what it was, an ok week that  could have been better.

I was lucky working from home.  It was extremely easy to squeeze home time, workouts and work into a day.  I did not have to drive to a job or plan meals or even worry about a commute.  Well, all of that has changed now and as I mentioned last week, it takes a bit of planning and even adjusting.  I have to figure out earlier bed times to get up earlier to allot more time for workouts before work and then I have to sit in traffic in the evening and try to balance going back to the gym that evening. Finally I get done with my workout and I am back home for dinner, packing and figuring out the next days clothes and food and back into bed to do it all over again.  It truly has been taken a toll getting used to the schedule.   I think once I get to my two brick work out weeks things will be easier as I will only do 3-4 majo workouts a week.

Besides the weariness of juggling working out and home and work, I reinjured my ankle and it has been feeling very gimpy for running.  So I decided to stay off of it and get it ready to start running on it again next week.  By Sunday it is feeling better and I figure a light mile or two might be good on Monday to see how it really feels.  So I did not run at all this week.  One thing I did allot of was spinning.  Out of the 7 hours I got in this week 5-6 of them were on the spin bike.  Good practice for the bike leg and the goals beyond this first triathlon, but I need to get my workouts more balanced with some more swimming focus and even some running, albeit light and tentative at first.  I don’t want to start going easy now, just 5 more weeks to go and the only person who can sabotage this race at this point is me.  Wow, 5 more weeks… heres to making the next week of training a great and efficient week. Til next time.



  1. It’s hard to believe the big T is only 5 weeks away! You have worked very hard even through your injuries and life changes. Biking is something I’m able to do with most minor injuries. The roller for the glute has been a huge help. Stay strong.

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