End of Base 5 Training Phase Recap

images (9)Last Sunday marked the end of my Base 5 periodization training phase and the last base phase of training.  Similar to the other phases the workouts consisted of three hard weeks of volume workouts followed by a recovery week.  As of this week I only have six weeks to go till my triathlon and so Base 5 was the last base or volume phase before the event.  My new focus will be on an intensive three weeks of working out that aims to iron out any bugs and to help prepare.

While I did not have to wear a tie, I figured I had worked hard to get in shape, i should dress well also.

While I did not have to wear a tie, I figured I had worked hard to get in shape, i should dress well also.

At the beginning of this phase I stated one of my primary goals was to push things a bit, unfortunately I fell short a little on that level.  But I had great consistency in my workouts and I still felt like I furthered my overall capabilities towards preparation for my first triathlon.  I just wanted to push a little harder and increase the volume up to 30 hours for this phase.  Nevertheless, I did have an ankle sprain right before my recovery and I still managed decent running progress towards getting faster, as well I pushed my overall time on the spin bike. Besides the lack of overall volume this phase, it still turned out pretty good.

Base 5 Phase Highlights:

  • While I rarely got 3 runs a week, I still worked on getting 2 solid interval runs completed and it looks like my speed has picked up a little.  Hopefully this will translate into sub 40 minute time come the next 5k.
  • Spin – Still too cold to get outside, but I continued to focus heavily on zone heart rate training for long periods of time on the spin bike.  After a few weeks my legs are feeling stronger with a bigger base of endurance.
  • Strength training took a bit of a back seat as I lost my job and fought to keep out of depression.  Unfortunately strength work went with it.
  • Swimming – continued to work to build up my speed and base skills.  Still sticking to an 10 minute 400 meter. When possible I started to practice snaking pool swimming, which is similar to my first race pool swim.  Would like to be stronger and faster but I feel confident in my swim ability.
  • Bricks – I did not intentionally plan on performing bricks for  a while longer, but time constraints forced me to try a few and it turns out I loved them.
  • Pilates – I can do a plank for a few seconds longer and I am able to perform rollups more frequently.  These are the big Pilates exercises I am happy to be able to perform well.
  • Work- I now have employment again and I am adapting to the changes that brings.
  • Weight – For the last several months I have seen my waist drop to 48 and a bit below but the weight stayed at 300 pounds, only recently has my weight shown any sign of budging as I have recently bounced between 297 to 300 pounds.  Not sure if this is a good thing.

The Numbers:

CaptureNumbers wise this phase was not too bad.  My run distance was down because I focused on intervals in order to increase my speed.  I Increased my total time spin training and I solidly got in my pilates workouts.  As I mentioned above my strength sessions totally disappeared.  Overall a pretty solid training phase with some good work efforts mixed in.  Hopefully this phase helped set me up for three intense workout weeks followed by bricks and race preparation. So, another solid phase of work in the books. Til next time.




  1. Lookin’ FINE, Chatter!
    How much weight have you lost now?

    1. Thank you. I have only lost 20 pounds but I have lost 6-10 inches off the waist.

  2. […] End of Base 5 Training Phase Recap (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] End of Base 5 Training Phase Recap (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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