Marching Towards Triathlon: Six Weeks and Counting Goals

imagesWhile there are numerous posts I want and need to post regarding some numbers from my current interval run program and a summation of the last volume base phase, I need to get my goals and week planned and figured out and cemented.  Later in the week I will get some numbers up regarding those topics, today is about focusing on this weeks training. Yesterday I posted about my final plans heading towards this first triathlon, now just six weeks away(can find it here).  Basically the goal is to prepare and be prepared for my first triathlon.  This week will be the cornerstone of the last three heavily intensive training weeks before I begin to focus on race specific training, such as bricks and transition practice. With that in mind then, the big goal is to work hard and push my limits, but not to the point of injury. That sums everything up in a nut shell, work really hard and push but don’t get injured.

Pretty simple straight forward goals for the phase and the week.  One of the biggest areas I want to concentrate is my running. I aim to push the tiring interval sessions for three more weeks before going into my two weeks of brick work.

6 Weeks to Awesome Goals:

  • 3 interval based runs – important to get all these in this week.
  • Swim workouts – pretty basic goal on these, keep work to improve form.
  • Bike/Spin – Ideally I would love to get back on the bike this week and outdoors, but it looks like we have a cold front coming in here in Atlanta, so continued work indoors on the spin bike.
  • 1 Strength training session.
  • Proper nutrition and eating plan – like to get a little lighter before the big day!!!
  • Continue to work to adjust to the new schedule and time commitments caused by final weeks of training before the big event!

That is it, pretty simple and straightforward goals.  The biggest is push but dont’t injure of course.  I am almost paranoid about getting injured the closer the day gets.  Wish I had something more profound for my goals this week, but in reality its the same as the last couple of phases. Three weeks of intense workouts before transitioning and final preparation for race day, allot of work to be done in a little time.  I know at this point I will be prepared come race day.  Til next time.


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  2. Injuries scare me too and I’m not even training for anything. The roller thing has saved me SO many times that I carry it in my gym bag now just in case I have a strain at the gym. You’re reaching high… Great job Chatt !

  3. I think that pushing with no injuries is an exceptional goal chat! I on the other hand find that goal a little difficult with two major falls in as many months – whilst not training hahaha. Love following your progress!

    1. Thank you, I have had a few injuries the last couple of months, just do not want to gain any for the next six weeks. If I could wrap myself in bubble wrap I would.

  4. I can’t believe you’re six weeks out! You’re almost there!!!

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  6. […] Marching Towards Triathlon: Six Weeks and Counting Goals ( […]

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