Just One of Those Days

raining-cats-and-dogs-mdSome days I swear the universe is out to get me, or at least it feels that way.  If this morning is any indication of the rest of the day, today definitely can be classified as one of those days, a day that nothing seems to go right… every puddle manages to jump up and splash you…. and every rain cloud seems to always be directly overhead.  One of those days it might have been better to pull up the sheets and ignore the day.

I wanted to start this week off strong and immediately get a solid start with  a run workout this morning.  I went to sleep last night with dreams of the perfect workout week in my head.  Unfortunately I startled myself awake at 5 AM, realizing that the alarm clock did not go off at the required 4:30 A.M.  Due to the tightness of the schedule I realized immediately that a run or a swim was out.  Ever resilient and still wanting an easy commute (my gym location makes it easier to get to my job than my home) I decided I would still go to the gym and if anything, spend some time in the sauna and or hot tub, maybe get in some stretching.

images (3)When I pulled into the L.A. Fitness  gym parking lot  the usual mass of vehicles were compacted into the parking spaces but I could tell something was amiss.  I looked at the fitness club and realized that its usual dark interior was pitch black with no illumination.  That’s when it registered that numerous people were just hanging out in the parking lot.  I found out that the gym had undergone a surge and for some unknown reason all the power was totally out.  This was bad… really bad, I relied on the gym as a place to get showered and dressed for work (I am at the gym so often I hardly remember what my shower at home looks like).   Oddly this did not surprise me as this LA fitness is one of the worst maintained clubs I have gone to.  The shower curtains are falling apart and some have mold, tiles are broken and fixtures are falling off in the rest rooms and showers.  If this was not so close to work I would not go to this club, its terrible. The club was unsure when they would have the power on so I looked for other gym locations. I found one that would extend my 10 minute commute to an hour, but my only option was to change there or go to work and get dressed in the bathroom.  So I opted for the addition to my morning commute.  So I got to work an hour later than usual and had to waste time sitting in traffic. What a wasted morning.

That was only the morning and the afternoon has not gotten any worse. I am supposed to go back to that club this evening to complete my swim workout and I can only hope I run into few issues. What could happen?  No water?  Til next time.



  1. What a bad morning…I’d have to agree. My gym experience this morning was dealing with a few rude people on equipment..too many chatting..just rubs me wrong. Hopefully you’ll grab a good swim and make up for things. Stay strong.

    1. Evening swim turned out to be much better, thank you.

  2. Mine wasn’t quite that bad but I was startled awake by my husband arriving home from work at 7.45am. I’d set my alarm for 5.30am and promptly turned it off, rolled over and went back to sleep. Almost made it to work on time…

    1. I wish I would have just rolled over and gone to bed, but instead I got to the gym to find no lights and had to scramble to find a place to change. Hope your day ended well.

  3. Glad you got in a good swim later…salvaged some of the day! Always one in the win column…

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