Six Weeks To Go!!!!

digital-2-15-md2 Hours and 15 minutes… that is the maximum time allotted by Setup Events to finish the Earl Bird Triathlon in Athens Georgia, my first triathlon and the end of the long road I started last May, now just 42 days away.  When I started this last May, I never thought I would ever get this close to my goal. I studied and devoured everything I could get my hands on regarding training and triathlons.  Most of all I developed a plan, a strategy and a series of long and immediate goals. I made some mistakes and learned and grew as I pushed forward.  Now I am looking at the final six weeks of this adventure.

HistoryOfAwesomeThese final six weeks are some of the most important.  In these final weeks I go from my previous volume building focus and shift to final preparation to peak and perform at my peak.  Of course since I have never completed a triathlon before just finishing will be proof of success. But my goal was not to just finish my first triathlon, but to feel like I did everything to prepare myself mentally and physically.  This is why the next six weeks are important, they are no longer about volume and all about final preparation.  I have scoured the internet and books to figure out the best use of these next six weeks.  How much taper do I need? how do I peak? when should I add bricks?   Armed with those questions in mind and the Triathlon Training Bible I have devised the final six weeks of training and I have figured out how I think I can best use the time allotted to prepare.

My Six Week Plan(Note the weeks count down from six to race week):

  • Weeks 3-6 (3 weeks):   This phase is similar to the base building phases except the focus is heavily on final preparations and increased intensity.  All workouts are aimed at going a step further and are focused on race specific distances.  For running this last three weeks will focus heavily on continuing the interval workouts I started in January.  I aim to miss none of these for the next three weeks.  Hopefully the weather will warm up and I will be able to get out and ride a couple of 12 mile Saturdays, otherwise I will continue to focus on the spin bike and zone training.  Swimming will focus on 400 meter sets, drills and stroke counts.  The goal here is to push all the workouts and go a little harder and faster.
  • Weeks 2-3(2 weeks): Bricks… this two week focus is all on bricks and transition planning.  For me bricks seem to be a little taxing so I figure I would aim for 3 bricks a week and continue with the pilates and strength workouts for this period. Also, I aim to start experimenting with different components of the transition and figure out any issues that might arise.
  • Weeks 1(Race week!) – This is the big week, by this week I expect myself to be ready to race. All things should be worked out and every aspect of race day should have been practiced and tried.  No surprises this week.  I plan on having an easy run one day, a light swim and an hour easy spin all in the first three days of the week.  The couple of days before will be focused on rolling and stretching and relaxing.

During brick week or maybe sooner I will get additional gear components:

  • Tri shorts and top
  • Tieless shoe strings
  • Gels and Sports drink mix
  • Wife gift bag
  • Sham-wow to dry feet

I want to get these items before brick week so I can incorporate them into my training scheme and figure out anything else I might need before race day.  I also need to look at what products the race uses for gels and sports drinks and practice some of my training with those products so that if I need to use whats provided my system is not surprised.

That is my plan for the next six weeks.  I will get up a summary of this last phase, base 5 phase in a day or so as well as post an analysis of my current interval training plan and progression.  I just wanted to get up a post outlining the next 42 days or 6 weeks til the big day when I will have to focus on finishing before the 2 hour and 15 minute deadline.  Time to ramp it up and work towards awesome!!!  Til next time.

Any suggestions?  Did I forget anything?


  1. Awesome! Don’t forget body glide!

    1. Use it every time I get on the bike, great suggestion.

  2. Chatter, depending on the distances of your event you may not need supplemental energy gels/drinks. I would try them as soon as possible if you are planning to use them. I cannot tolerate any of them and must race “pure” (water only)….something that’s good to learn early so you can adjust your mind to not relying on them if necessary. Feel free to email me if you like.

    1. I could probably write an entire post on my gel experimentation. I have tried activities with and without gels and have found I am a large guy and tend to burn quite a few calories. I have had some issues with fueling my spin and sometimes run workouts. I have experimented with not using and using gels and have found I perform and feel better with gels, especially in short bricks. I guess it all comes down to each person, and it helps to experiment. Thanks.

  3. You keep reaching and reaching….I can’t believe how fast the past months have flown. Of course have zero triathalon experience, but I would just remind you that no matter your completion time on that have accomplished SO much. Your next ten years will continue to include good health choices because you know now how great it feels physically..emotionally and mentally. Reaching goals are good for us. Period. Stay strong. Oh! i love how the wife gift bag got thrown in there…is it from her or for her? Either way…GREAT!!!

    1. Read comment below. Its basically for her as an appreciation gift and to make her time as spectator more enjoyable. Thanks for the moving words, you have often provided the spark I needed to push on. Should be a fun 6 weeks.

      1. Oh I’m so behind. Obviously! Great idea..very nice. You’re welcome for the support..we all need it at different times in our journey.

  4. Wife gift bag? Is that a “thanks for coming and watching nothing for hours” pack? If so, I should add “hubby gift bag” to my packing list for triathlons. Great effort!

    1. That is a thank you gift to my wife for being supportive while I went to the gym for hours upon hours every week. I will post its contents, but the idea is to put things to make here experience more enjoyable like a cow bell and a tote bag with a triathlon theme. Additionally it will include things to make her hours comfortable and some things just to say thank you for being there.

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  6. LOVE the wife gift bag! Do it! 😀

    And don’t worry, you will crush it!

  7. Yay for elastic shoe laces, they are great. I use 1 of my daughters old cloth nappies for a towel to step on and then a swimming chamois which is like a shamwow it think to dry my feet. Good luck in your last 6 weeks of training.

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