I figured I had lost some weight and I should dress better than I used to dress when going to an office. Now I am the only one in hat and tie, except the owner. I figure I look good enough to pull it off.

This blog has unfortunately been left in the dust the last couple of weeks, especially this week.  For that I apologize.  First the search and then starting a new job has required a period of transition.  Unfortunately this blog suffered.  I have remained strong with my training as the target date nears and only 46 days remain.  But I have not afforded myself allot of time to maintain or post much.  I  think I now have things worked out a bit where I should be able to post more frequently and once again share my little fitness/triathlon adventure.

Just to catch things up… last week, in the middle of the week, I sprained my ankle while running.  This was one of those un-preventable incidents.  So I missed most of the second half of  last weeks training and barely completed 5 hours for the week.

This week has been a recovery week and the sole focus is to get myself ready to ramp up and prepare for the final six weeks before my first triathlon.  I have not totally worked out how I am working it and how I want to lay out the time, but I have a base idea and overall plan I will fall back on.  So far I have used this week as a means to try some new classes at the gym closer to work and to get acclimated to the change in schedule and habit.

So I have things worked out now, or so I think.  Training is still pushing forward and with the help of newer technology I hope I can keep up the blog more frequently.  I miss sharing in others adventures and sharing my own.  I have read and kept up with a lot of the other blogs I read, just have not been free to comment or say hello often.  So, its time to get on with the show and get this six weeks done and in the books.  It’s time to get ready to race and be awesome once again! Till next time.



  1. Thanks for the update! Great picture Chatt ! Just found a new gym today…it’s old and more my speed than the flashy yuppy place.

  2. That is awesome. I am going to a different gym as well and its taking some getting used to. I realize my shirt is more wrinkled as its at the end of the day. Glad to know you are still around and working to stay on track!!!!

  3. I’m coming off a sprained ankle too! Hope you heal quickly!!! Nice to see you posting again~

    1. Sorta sucked for a few days. Feeling better now, fortunately it occurred close to my recovery week. Hope you are back up and going again soon. Glad to be back.

  4. I’ve been working my butt off! I had to find ways around it initially but I’m much better now. Side to side movement is still stiff/painful but forward/back movement feels pretty good. How did you sprain it?

    1. I was running and someone had dropped wet concrete on the sidewalk creating a few round nodules. I just happened to hit a nodule the right way and rolled it. You? Luckily it was below the ankle!

  5. Man, your looking great! Keep it up! Have you tried any more of the Sufferfest videos? If you have, which ones, and what do you think?

    1. I was just wondering the other day how you were doing. On the spin bikes I have recently begun aiming for long term and thus have started to enjoy streaming programs while I watch the progress of my heart rate. I want to try more, but funds are going towards the final bits of gear I will need before doing my race. You? Thanks for the compliment. Funny thing is I weigh the same as I did 5 months ago but with a few more inches off the waist. Hope things are going good on your end.

      1. I’ve been putting on some weight, but I’m not in my toughest part of training. Eating is always the enemy for me. I just bought two more of the videos. Hoping to use them this week. I will say they are coming out with a longer video called The Blender that looks like a doozie. You should check it out. This year most of my funds are going towards a wedding and living, but I have gotten some new goodies. Just bought a new Specialized helmet and some new Specialized road shoes. Really looking at some new wheels and a Garmin Edge, but thats far off. I cant wait until I can get out and ride again. Most of my rides have been on the spin bike recently just because I’m soo tired of the trainer. Also finally got a fitting that made a HUGE difference in power and muscle usage. I’m hoping that I might do a triathlon, maybe a crit, and some run races this year with the Fiance. Ill be in touch.

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