Saturday Brick

brickThis last Saturday I had decided I wanted to try a swim/bike(spin in my case) brick.  Of course the weather provided a beautiful day, so working out in the gym instead of on my real bike sorta sucked.  But, I had things to do that evening and I had a plan for Saturday’s workout.  I think I am getting addicted to bricks a little, this was my third in a roughly a week!  Of course, unlike the other two, this one was planned.  I just wanted to get an idea where my head and body were getting ready for the final week of this phase of training.  For Saturday’s brick I just focused on a swim and spin mixture.  Once again I used a separate locker to hold transition items. Time wise, this brick lasted about two and a half hours, consisting of a 40 minute swim and an hour and a half spin session with an 8 minute transition.

The swim proved typical and not real challenging.  The hardest thing to determine was how long and far should I go.  If I did race distance then this would be over and done with in ten minutes, so I opted for a mile of continuous swimming instead.  I figured this would prove a bit challenging and would get my heart rate and cardiovascular system going.  Also, it would provide a more meaningful workout compared to the shorter distance.  Since the pool was empty I decided I would practice this as a snaking swim to mimic my first race swim.  In the end I finished 1500(maybe 1550) meters in 39 minutes.  Not the fastest time, but it gave me a good workout in the pool.

I even practiced getting out of the pool from the side instead of the stairs when heading for transition.  I took a slow transition of eight minutes as I changed shorts and put on socks and ate a gel.  I know when I am racing I will be wearing the same clothes on the bike and this will entail a faster transition.  For this transition the goal was to change clothing and not take too long.

The spin session was divided as I thought I was going to quit after an hour, but changed my mind.  Click for detail page.

The spin session was divided as I thought I was going to quit after an hour, but changed my mind.  The 1:06:00 minute leg.  Click for detail page.

The spin session ended up getting divided as I was tired as I finished my first hour.  But I decided if anything, I wanted to do a little bit more at an easier pace.  I realized I could do more, just not has hard, so I just aimed to pedal at a consistent slow rate and just pushed through it. I noticed that my heart rate was harder to push into zone three and I ended up spending the entire ride in zone two heart rate.  I put together a few simulated hill climbs to try and see how these felt.  The first hour I ended up sweating a ton of chlorinated water and it seemed my sweat output was higher than normal.

My 0:32:00 additional time.  I decided I could do a little more. Click for details.

My 0:32:00 additional time. I decided I could do a little more. Click for details.

Another brick done.  The swim to bike had some challenges, especially putting socks and clothing on a wet body.  Also, I found it helped to kick a little harder in the last 50 of my swim so as to help warm up the legs for the bike.  I do not feel this brick was as hard as the spin and run brick, but it still had some toughness and teeth.  No bricks planned for next week as its the final ramp up before my recovery week.  I need to figure out how I need to place bricks into my workouts in the month leading up to my first triathlon.  Til Next Time.

How do you use bricks… suggestions for my final month before my first triathlon?



  1. Great workout and awesome swim. 1500 meters in any time is awesome. Bricks can definitely be addictive but for me they are as much mental preparation (and knowing that I can easily do it) as physical. Keep up the great workouts.

    1. Thanks, I am almost afraid I am getting addicted to these things! They do wipe you out for a bit afterwards and the muscles definitely do not feel great for a few days afterwards(workable, but not anywhere near peak).

      1. That will change in time – I do a 37 mile brick every Saturday in season 30 ride, 7 run and I always feel fine on Sunday morning… Go for a spin after – it will loosen up your legs. That’s my trick. 😉

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