Second Brick… Kinda

brickNot currently being employed has thrown my current schedule terribly off track. I need the structure of a job to force my evening and morning workouts.  Currently I have gotten to the gym for my swim workouts at all hours of the morning and afternoon, often missing my second workout, my run workout.  Because of this, last week I completed my first brick on Saturday(read here) to make up for missing my Friday run.  Why should Monday be any different, so I ended missing my Monday running interval session.  On Tuesday I usually do Pilates and a Spin session, one in the morning and the other in the evening.  I knew because of the Tour De Cure fundraiser  (Donate Now) I would miss my Pilates class and I would be crunched for time to complete both the make-up run and the long spin session.  Of course I did not get up early enough to get both activities done, so I figured I would do a Duathlon brick, a combination of running and then spinning.

Interval Run Data. Completed 2x15 intervals with ten minutes walking rest in-between. Click for interactive page.

Interval Run Data. Completed 2×15 intervals with ten minutes walking rest in-between. Click for interactive page.

The reason I decided to complete the brick with the run first involved some interval sets I wanted to complete.  I wanted rested legs for the intervals and did not mind doing the spin session at mostly level two heart rate zone.  The running interval was a basic interval consisting of two fifteen minute low volume intervals with a ten minute resting interval in-between.  I started doing these based off of my 14:09 5k pace from last November and this interval workout is the same one I used in my last training phase..  I was supposed to add forty seconds to that and run at that pace for the fifteen minute intervals.  Since I started doing these last month I found the easiest way to pace these was at a bit faster than a casual jog, instead of by the 14:40 minute per mile pace, which was a bit faster but doable.  In my last training phase I was running these at 14:26 minute per mile pace so I decided that I wanted to complete each fifteen minute segment at around 14:00 minute per mile pace.  But, I try to go at a rate that feels comfortable and worry less about the pace on the watch.  So I found myself completing this interval set with the two intervals averaging a 13:45 minute per mile pace.  That means last months interval sets worked to increase my speed and unofficially looks to have knocked around a minute off.

Map and Segment breakdown of my run.  I forgot to turn off automated mile breaks.

Map and Segment breakdown of my run. I forgot to turn off automated mile breaks.

The second part of this brick was the spin bike.  I took about ten to fifteen minute break between activities as I was not too concerned with a long transition on this brick.  On the spin bike I was aiming for an hour or two at primarily my zone two heart rate which is up to 136.  Because I followed my run, my heart decided it wanted to work harder and I spent most of my time outside of zone two and instead in zone three.  It was the bottom of zone three, but still took allot out of me.  I ended up lasting about an hour before I ran out of gas.  I took a gel right before I started, but I think not taking one before my run is what did me in.  I found from Saturday, I burn allot of calories and doing a gel before and in the middle of a brick is a huge key to having all the fuel needed.  After an hour and some I threw in the towel.  I did not feel as dead as I did on Saturday, but I was pretty well spent at the end of the spin session.

Spin Heart rate breakdown.  Click for detail page.

Spin Heart rate breakdown. Click for detail page.

While I did not want to do a brick initially til at least the weekend, I was able to throw two workouts together pretty effectively.  Its amazing to realize how crazy this would have seemed to me a couple of months ago, but now I shrug it off and just do the workout.  I love doing this type of workout. The rush and feel of exhaustion is amazing, I might be addicted.  Maybe next year I will try and tackle a duathlon, that could be allot of fun.  Gotta get through my season of triathlons first. Til next time.



  1. It’s interesting how work structures your day. It forces you into routines and schedules. I am thinking of starting my own business out of my house. Being in the office, I use my lunch time workout to break up my day and get away from my desk.
    If I am making my own schedule, will I still have the discipline to go out and run?

  2. Wow Chatter…a whole minute! You’re doing really well.

    1. I was surprised to have improved that much.

  3. Chatter! Oh how I’ve missed reading your journey. I’ve been in a blog slump with so many changes going on in life. I’m making a commitment to blog tomorrow! Looks like you’re working hard at it…I’m happy to see it. I’ve been going to my new gym on my normal schedule. Stay strong!!

    1. I am in a blog slum as well, my posting has reduced to a few times a week. I have been super busy trying to find a new job and I am trying to figure out the best time to actually be able to post. I am so happy to see you are back again, have missed you the last coupe of weeks!

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